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KLR 650 is a popular model mainly in North America and Australia as an adventure model with a 4 cycle single cylinder engine. Not only the user is supported by aged robustness and inexpensive car body price and repair parts availability, but also in the planning of motorcycle media in the past, the best adventure model in the journalist's overall evaluation "It is a model taken up as a model. The engine equipped with Keihin's carburetor adopts a wide ratio 5 speed mission.The front adopts standard 21 inch and the rear uses 17 inch with 130 width. A tank of about 23 liters (6.1 gallons) boasts a cruising distance of 500 km or more and is a weight of 196 kg with equipment, so it is light weight as a big off as about 170 kg in dryness.In countries with many large riders this lightness will lead to a sense of security.

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