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It mounted a KE125-based engine that was equipped with a 6-speed transmission. It was highly practicable, for it came with parts such as a large tank, a thick seat, or a rear compartment.

ขนาดเครื่องยนต์ 124
แรงม้าสูงสุด 14ps(10.0 kw)/7000rpm
แรงบิดสูงสุด 1.4kg・m(13.7N・m)/6500rpm
น้ำหนักรถสุทธิ(รวมอุปกรณ์) 106kg
ความจุถังน้ำมัน 10. 5ลิตร

80 รายการ




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ซื้อครั้งแรกบริการโคตรจะดีถามตอบไวมากของตรงตามที่สั่งของราคาไม่กี่บาทก็สามารถซื้อได้ บริการเก็บปลายทางก็มีอีก เยี่ยมมากครับ บริการถูกใจสั่งเพิ่มไปอีกสองรายการแล้ว

สวยงามวัสดุดูดีเหมาะสมกับราคาผิวสัมผัสนุ่มสบายมือ สั่งของ 20/1/19 ได้รับ 31/1/19

They are use and exchange from an authentic positive one in the front of NINJA250R.
Although it is not a pad of the type which is effective with Gatun like in play [ of you ], in proportion to the input of a lever, damping force increases certainly.
I think that control nature is also good, and it can recover in comfort also when it trespasses upon a corner with an overspeed.
The exchange from an authentic positive one is also completely comfortable, and powerful damping force is acquired with the operation feeling of pad exchange former.
Since the thickness of a pad is together in it being pure, the way which was run 9 or 000 km and which is seldom expected may say a life.

It is supposed to be compatible with 93 'KLX 250 S, but Ring of Center' s Rubber is a cabarever and there is a gap with Oil filterCap, it is not useful for a role, and Oil filterCap does not close a few millimeters than an OEM Filter! I want to return but because the time from purchase is also running, I can not use it for the above-mentioned models that only crying..

The few Z250 (Ninja) During the Lineup of 250 SLFull Exhaust System, quality etc. etc. We decided on this product in consideration.
As for installation there is no need to process anything, there is no problem.
We will install OEM's O2 Sensor as it is.

No setting is fine, but Sub computeretc. You can expect better Fe Ring if you adjust with.

I removed the pig's nose and adjusted it accordingly (KITACO i-map) I am setting with.

Be careful as it has no Baffle setting, for Race tube It is just for w,

I am riding in Thailand's Bangkok, but of course it is very conspicuous because there are no other vehicles in it!

Was looking for a Radiator guard of Ninja250SL, I tried to buy since found a Radiator guard of di Motivu.

In terms of protecting the Radiator, it may be better for other company products with Center's eyes.
However, this product is good place to choose the price and the color of Guard.
The color of Mesh is Orange - Gold - Silver - Dark green - Titanium - Black - Blue - You can choose from Red.
This time I tried to choose Red according to the color of the car body.
In the picture of the product page I looked a bit thin Red, but the real thing was a deeper Red.

When we arrived, it was already floating from release paper.
It seemed that the adhesive strength was not 0 and the season was still hot, so I tried adhering to Tank in the meantime and then it will float after a while.
As another means, by holding down from above for a long time, I hope that the shape of Pad itself will become familiar with Tank, I will keep curing Tape from above and keep it familiar 2 months.
I thought that it would have become familiar with it and seemed to be sticking somewhat when removing the curing tape.
But. It floated on the next day.
If you leave it like this, you will scratch the painting of Tank if you get in dust, so you only have to peel off.
It is mere Large loss.