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Bring out a thick and flat torque from the low revolution range, once opening the throttle brings a pleasant acceleration feeling.A drive chain that contributes to lightening this power is transmitted to the rear wheels.Employing a dual tapered muffler for the exhaust system.We are pursuing the feeling peculiar to V-TWIN such as emphasized beating feeling and torque feeling like kicking the ground, realizing an exciting exhaust note echoing the five senses.In addition, the electronically controlled fuel injection system PGM - FI is adopted, and in every driving scene, excellent throttle response and smooth acceleration are demonstrated, and high fuel economy performance is acquired.Together with a catalyzer (catalytic device) in the muffler, environmental performance is also improved. From street to touring, simple styling stand out in various scenes.A sharp and compact car body upper part such as a small mounted tank, a short fender, a slim seat, a single meter and a small headlight, the lower part of the car is equipped with a front 19 inch wheel and a dual muffler giving a sturdy impression ing.This combines agility and strength, realizes a road-like style that enhances the exhilaration of running.In addition, plating parts and black paint applied to each part tighten the entire body to fine quality.In addition, the handle is in an upright position, with a comfortable feeling with a seat height of 750 mm It is pursuing ease of handling with a slim body body with excellent foot feathering.

ขนาดเครื่องยนต์ 399
แรงม้าสูงสุด 31ps(23kw)/7000rpm
แรงบิดสูงสุด 3.3kg・m(32N・m)/3500rpm
น้ำหนักรถสุทธิ(รวมอุปกรณ์) 229kg
ความจุถังน้ำมัน 10ลิตร


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Since oil change time came, it purchases in order to also exchange filters simultaneously.
I wanted red ....

I purchased Green Light because the installed Motorcycle is Z1000, but the texture is much better than I expected.
Installation can only be done by removing the original Filler cap, so it can be done in 10 seconds. Rather it may take more time to get the item out of the box ... lol

Because I bought it in the spring, I thought that I do not need Screen yet.
Running at this time seems to have quite a wind effect, so in this case I looked for something good, and OEM was so expensive that I purchased this item.
I will do Impression on my attention point in a little installation.
First of all Bracket has many scratches, someone was written. - - - - - It was launched to Webby
1. First of all Screen temporarily holds Bracket

2. Spread a little Bracket on the Fork side by hand (Inside I roll a Rubber) Is included

3. Position BracketBody by placing cloth on Clamp (R, L) - - - Mark 50 mm from the top

4. While aligning Screen with ForkBracket and Light, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Apply the same height so that

5. We will further tighten up each part

6. Check the final confirmation and check if there is any fun place to complete

I watched it while running, but it seems like I got hit by the wind even a little Short.
Although the product is Short, I do not know if Long was good, but I thought the resistance was low.

Although I recommend you to "Yes", installation is quite a hard work, so it is to those who can prepare and install.

I bought it for loading.
It is Simple Carrier with matte Black paint.
I think that REBEL is a design that does not appear strange as it looks.
Simple - Is - Best.
There is no saying if it is a Reasonable price a little more.

It is my first exchange since I got on a new car. I am amazed by NORMALPad with about 30,000 km. Because I attached Red Pad with a different Motorcycle, I decided without comparing with others in particular. I feel that NORMAL's Rotor is bad, but it seems to be bad, but the credibility is better than NORMAL. I do not know Cost performance yet

I installed it in REBEL 250. I bought Smoke's Long. Below

<About Fork MountingBracket>
It was full of scratches from the beginning why. It is unknown whether it is what was attached before shipment or what was attached after shipment, but it was full of scratches anyhow.
The machining accuracy itself is good, and it fits Exactly to the Inner Fork of REBEL. However, installation is a bit painful.. Bolt and Bolt holes are difficult to match very closely.

<About Screen and Bracket>
Bracket mounting holes (Hole through which Bolt passes) Because it is located on the surface of Screen. When stopping Bracket with Bolt, I'm puzzled as "various". But by never tightening Bolt tightly you can install. (Manufacturer confirmed)

<Impressions of installing and running>
The wind beneath the nose is obviously relieved. That's why the wind above the nose got stronger. Therefore, when using the Helmet with high rectifying effect, there was nothing wrong, but when using a combination of ordinary Jet helmet + Bubble shield Shield was unpleasant to shake strangely.

I attached it to the new REBEL 250. I did not like the Cap of OEM so I purchased it for Dress-up purpose.
Appearance ◎. Texture ◎. I am satisfied ◎. Just because it's a little expensive.

I bought it for installing a Rear box in the new REBEL 250. We decided on this product without a shipping point as it was supposed to fit only Box.
Currently, GIVI's Mono-lock case (37 liters) I am wearing. There is no problem concerning mounting. Mono-lock case Can be installed fully with Universal Installation Parts attached only. (Currently I am using Bracket which I bought at Home center with more emphasis on reliability)
The only unfortunate thing is that Carrier's overall slender construction makes it look delicate compared to other companies. A clerk at Motorcycle shop who purchased a vehicle said, "I think that it may be good to match with the car body. He told me - - -.
By the way, if you tell me the purchase price "Well, it's cheap," I was also told.