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The grip of the Pro grip that I used so far came a lot, so if I order an exchange I will not come back to what the end of the year (T д T)

Up to now Grip used only Pro grip, but it was also mandatory for Pierced Type (Hand guard is for Bar Open End) , The other Manufacturer gave up despite the good Design even crying.

... thought that this is the case, I decided to avoid purchasing GripCutter at the same time and purchase the Closed End who wanted to use it more than before.

Ultimately, as Progrip gets tired of, RENTHAL 's PillowGrip or KEVLAR Grip and Domino' s Cross grip and hesitation, ultimately the color (Lol) Determined by ... Blue so (^_^;)

However, domino 's Cross grip seems to have a good reputation among others, which I also purchased, but I felt relieved when I saw the real thing (Lol).

Before that, regarding the installation, first of all Closed End 's Grip, so we purchased a GripCutter (Scheduled to be reviewed separately) Penetrating completed with a hole with cucumber using.

After that, remove the Grip to be removed from the Handlebar by spraying the Parts Cleaner and push the Grip which opened the hole and push the Parts cleaner onto the Grip again to install it.

If it is not easy to attach, including hand guard removal, the work will be about 30 minutes.

I do not like glue or Wiring, but it will hinder operation in the past etc etc. There was no problem, so I can not say it unconditionally, but I judge it as Large sturdy.

After completing the installation, I ran near the field immediately, but I felt that I absorbed the vibration well with a soft feeling than the earthquake-resistant Gel of the previous Pro grip.

However, since it is also Large thing after all, it is satisfied only with Large.

It seems short in durability, but I like it, so I think I will repeat it again.

Oh, I'd like to try using KEVLAR Grip, but it's after all Design or Large thing (Lol).

I decided to purchase because it became a weak body like wrist hurts in Long touring.
Retrofitted GripAssist broke quickly and purchased DominoGrip.
When I was not familiar with it, I was perplexed by a slightly strange design, but soon I got used to it.
The effect of the palm assist is still better.
I do not care at all even on a regular ride.
Although the angle setting at the time of installation is miso, I regret a bit because I fixed it with glue.
If you are going to install it, we recommend that you try running with a temporary stop.
Drilling is required for places where Grip is used in the Penetrating formula.

I chose Orange, but ...
Well I bought it but this color is difficult to match.

Choice of color carefully.
Since there is a Wiring groove, it is GOOD.

Because it is Made in Italy, it will be slightly thicker over there?. Changing from NORMAL surely gives a sense of incompatibility.

I looked at Catalog and purchased CROSS processing favorably.

In fact, when installing, certainly CROSS processing on the fingertip
The part fits the fingertip, but I feel a sense of incongruity unlike my expectation.

I always liked PillowTop of Pro taper and it was my favorite, but this time it was a missing item and the delivery date was undecided so I chose it looking emphatically. It is different from a soft feeling that is kind to the hand like PillowTop, but this seems to be easy to grasp without sliding firmly with the palm that makes me think it is this.
There is also a groove for Wiring and it is a solid product.

I chose domino the same as last time. Usability and so on are the best in the past. There are also two Wiring places. As I used it, although there were some peeling etc. of the part of Black and Gray, I think that the durability is higher. I decided to exchange it due to a fall in this time, but I like it not to mention anything other than this Grip.
It is decided to kore after the next time.

Since the joint of OEMSeat has split, purchase it for changing oneself.
I guess I do not know what to do, I'm going to a little Wrinkle on the Front. However, since it is a permissible range, it is a favorable evaluation in view of Cost.