BMW HP4 - Webike Thailand


The new BMW HP 4 RACE is the world's first super sports that uses carbon fiber mainframe and carbon wheels for commercial models.
The lightweight unique to carbon is 171 kg with the equipment weight which is also lower than the super motorbike world championship work machine (aluminum frame car).
In order to maintain its high quality, it was manufactured manually by BMW Motorrad's small team of specialists, and the engine also demonstrated performance according to super bike championship specifications. Hit the highest output 215 horsepower.
Naturally, the suspension and brake system to be mounted also adopt the highest level technology in motor sports.

ขนาดเครื่องยนต์ 999
แรงม้าสูงสุด 215PS / 13,900rpm
แรงบิดสูงสุด -
น้ำหนักรถสุทธิ(รวมอุปกรณ์) 171.4kg
ความจุถังน้ำมัน 17.5ลิตร


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