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YAMAHA V80 (Step-through) เฟรมรถ / กันล้ม


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На мой скутер подошёл идеально плюс работает блокировка заднего колеса. Доставка до московской области 10 дней.

Vino (5AUA SA10J) We mounted on.
OEM's Mission oil cap is made in plastic and its color is White. It's not stylish.
I replaced this product with Red alumite.
It's just a self-satisfaction because it's not a part that you see while driving,
I was able to easily PetitDress-up ♪
It is also nice to have an Oil seal.

Engine overhaul It is easy because you do not need to pick up the product number you used at the time.
It is not different from YamahaOEM without Gap of a hole.

OEM of Material : Purchase whether it looks a bit better than Plastic - I installed it, because the color I chose was Silver, it is almost inconspicuous because I am similar in color to Crankcase when wearing it... I regret a bit that I should have chosen a different color.

Also, the included O-ring is not durable. It cracked without being held for two years, it has broken.
I think that it is probably not Ring of oil resistance.....
I replaced it to O-ring of oil resistance of different Manufacturer.

I missed something so I exchanged Mission oil cap.
Little by little I think I will exchange parts.

Attached to CYGNUS X
It looks the same as the one for DIO which the company sells and the type written letters on the same
I bought it because it was at CYGNUSCorner at Parts store ...
Whether Universal is compatible or for DIO ...
The one who inquired may be safe

It's a bit of a point, but it's pretty impressive!
OEM is cheap at White Cap, so even considerable changes
I think that there are few people to see so far, but if you are going to consolidate the car body with the same color, it is good to upgrade the sense of unity and luxury when you also do these places
I am still on the way, but it was easy, so I tried replacing from here for the time being

It's really one point, but it's good!

GRAND AXIS 100's Gasket broke so purchase. It fits perfectly. I do not know how it is durable, but since it is a consumable item, I think I will purchase it again if it tears.

Small objects essential for Custom Parts.
Color is plentiful Aluminum texture is also good. It contributes to ColorCoordinates of the car body.
The shape is simple but it feels good. Logo is also ◎.