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YAMAHA TT-R125LW ระบบไฟมอเตอร์ไซค์



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Long owned Motorcycle is purchased by Service Manual. Unlike Kawasaki, Yamaha's service manual is easy to understand and easy for amateur me. Although it is slightly expensive, it may be possible to recover the original by repairing it yourself a couple of times.

My Kit has broken Connector part from the beginning and reworked the terminal himself, it is the same part of Made in Taiwan goods.
As a function to measure the temperature of the oil temperature of the head, actually to the temperature of the head Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) As it is done, it is quite hot, unlike general oil temperature.
Immediately after stopping after running in summer, it may reach 150 degrees, but since the FI warning light does not light, it probably is not a problem temperature.
The oil temperature in Crankcase is also measured simultaneously by another Oil Temperature Gauge, but it is displayed as high as about 60 degrees at the maximum Large so even if it becomes a high temperature display it is Large durable even if it does not bother so much.

Unlike the Holder of the type to be tightened, unlike the Holder of the type to be tightened, if you adjust the Size, you can operate with One-touch so you can work efficiently, but the scenes that can be used will be limited as well.
I practically use it only when fastening Flywheel like a photo. In this usage case, this type of tool is faster because the operating angle is limited when tightening Type.
However, since it takes plenty of space in the tool box more than not to be used much, I can not recommend it except for those who can afford Space.

For those who are looking for the first tool to fiddle with Scooter or who want universal nature, we recommend Holder of type to be tightened.
http : / / www. webike. net / sd / 21784446 /

There is a Type with a "claw" on the inside with a tool similar to this, which can also be used for Pulley with teeth on the outer periphery, like Honda type, so this type is recommended here.
http : / / www. webike. net / sd / 21331222 /

As a digression, since the tool of this hand has no unified name, it is troublesome when searching. Universal holder, Pulley holder, Fly Wheel Holder, Scissor Holder, HandHolderetc. ...

MAJESTYS 'V Belt - Weight Roller Purchase for replacement. High Speed ??Pulley was manufactured by DAYTONA among a number of Manufacturers, so we selected one made by DAYTONA. Because it was made by the same DAYTONA, the hole to be caught was Exactly. There is no problem at all in function, making is also firm and made by DAYTONA.

It used for Belt & Pulley exchange of the CREA SCOOPY. Also by me of

moped decomposition experience Zero, it was able to use satisfactorily, looking at a Manual.

Belt & Pulley exchange -- since it is required for both, if it is a User who exchanges especially a Pulley for an external article, even if he buys it together, there will be no loss.

It was the Size which removal of a Clutch outer and a Drive face remove and corresponds to both. Although it is not in the statement of a correspondence vehicle type, a ZOOMER can also be used enough.

With new vehicle purchase, this product was purchased. For maintenance and custom, I think it is needed absolutely. It can perform a detailed torque management and I think that there is no loss for beginners since it would break in many cases if you custom to remove components with no care. Although the contents written has a difficult thing, if vehicles were seen with reading, I could sometimes understand plentifully.

it is use to address V125G K7 model -- even this comes out and exchange of a drive face and a clutch is possible.
Although it is satisfactory in quality, does a value surely stretch a special tool?
The direction which has concentration and nature since the wages paid to Schopp can save considerably if it can tamper with a clutch system by itself is right or wrong.
certain NATSU O SU -- exchange of a drive-line -- 10,000 -- since it takes.