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YAMAHA TT-R125LW ชุดสีมอเตอร์ไซค์



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Z125 PRO with Endurance Rear carrier, 30? Top Case (K-MAX) I'm attaching.
It was Exactly with this Size Cover.
Both Front and Rear have a hole through which Chain lock passes, which is useful..
Belt for flapping prevention comes with 1 pc.
I think that it is good to purchase additional Belt when it is worrisome to look at the situation.

It is in use by z125 pro, but rain is prevented to some extent. However, the inside is a little wet as the humidity is coming up or after the rain. Just because it is cheap is this.

Honda, Lead 125 I was looking for a motorcycle cover with delivering cars, but I could not find a bike cover for lead 125 ,,,. Since the dimensions of the body of lead 125 and the dimensions of this item were almost the same, I tried to purchase it but as a result I got big answer. I feel that the length of the bike cover is not enough for the rear carrier of the lead 125, but it is nearly just fit. We also contacted Mr. Daytona of the manufacturer, but since the bike cover for lead 125 has not been lineuped, please see the bike cover dimension table on the Daytona website and purchase it. Daytona's motorbike cover is used for my second motorcycle, Honda, GB 250 clubman so we have a sense of quality and durability. Although it is somewhat expensive motorcycle cover, it seems to be useful for protecting important cars.

I covered CYGNUS × 3 type, but I think that it is subtly small. Before and after, using lock Chain, it is awkward. Rubber on the front wheel side may not need it.

Flowing stone, Yamaha's OEM Product.
I am using it for Honda's LEAD 90 but I am satisfied with both the quality and the use feeling Large. Size also pat!
There is a Blue color Line on the front wheel side and you can check back and forth at a glance.
Moreover, because it is sewn in the state of Handlebar Lock to Left, it can easily be put on the car body cleanly.

It was Exactly to Honda GROM with SizeM.

The price is slightly higher than other Cover, but I think that I was happy to buy.

GROM does not have any luggage, so I purchased an OEM Carrier and attached a Seat bag to Carrier.

In Bike Cover here, the Carrier part is excited, so even if Cover is hooked with Seat bag attached, Cover will hide to the Rear tire installation surface.

Cover does not come off during the typhoon, so it is solid.

Since Color is also Black, the existence of Motorcycle is inconspicuous and I am using 1 year and 4 months at the storage place with outdoor roof, but the state which is still beautiful continues.
(I do not know if it is effective, but I first used WaterproofSpray. )

As a discontent, the difference between the front and the back of Cover is difficult to understand. I often make a mistake in front and behind.
If possible, MirrorQuantity : Pair (for Left and Right) I think that it is easy to understand if there are marks at the location of.

I use M Size to attach the Rear box of SUPER CUB 90, but I can not cover the rear wheel about half. I am satisfied because I think that it is not good for Cover to be too large.
If you are wearing a Rear box and want to cover the whole body, we recommend L Size or more.
There is a string that squeezes the hem, but usability is not good.
I purchased Black Cover for the first time, but it certainly is inconspicuous so it may be good for crime prevention measures.
I would like to expect durability.

I bought it for my son Jazz.
I watched it after rain, but it is very well regenerating rain.
Since I have Ventilation, I think that some humidity is going out.
Neck will not melt as soon as it runs.
It seems that it is getting without any problems so far but since it is 50 cc.
In the Engine Displacement Volume 's Large Yaw Motorcycle, there is a possibility of melting.
However, I think Cover like this is a consumable item so I think it is very expensive.
Even if it becomes useless in one year it is a price not to worry.