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I purchased it because I was concerned about the special gorigor of tw 200.
If I thought that only one was without knowing up and down Quantity : 1 Set (for Top and Bottom) !
The installation for the first time was over in about 2 hours if there was a tool.

It purchased for MAJESTY 125 fi, it was 5866 yen because I bought it before SummerSale. There is no trouble at the moment after installation.

When you cut Handlebar there is a catch,
As I was concerned, I watched everyone's impressions and purchased

Carefulness is required for exchange, but take time
I think I can do it if I try

Let's ask Shop for those who do not have themselves

It is satisfying with Smooth operation feeling after exchanging

It is an exchange from Ball which became the gorigol of 1997 formula SR.
It is troublesome to exchange frequently, so we made it as durable as possible Taper.
Unlike the sense of the previous gorillades, the Stir that makes a sudden turn is a pleasant one.

For the SR this is the best set of bearings to use. Due to the odd size of one bearing, other sets available on the market are never 100% correct. If you want tapered bearings this set is the best option.

Since the
Handle began to have blurred when it was running from before for a while without using a Knee grip, an order was placed.
Since the car-body design was old from the first, brand-name parts have
Been the usual Ball bearings, and it used them as this product. Although wear of the
Tire was also considered as a cause,
condition stopped appearing only by Stainless-bearing exchange. It became likely to have made into the Snap by having become
Taper-roller-bearing support. It was good to carry out

TDR250 was equipped.
The upper part was a ball race an authentic positive one.
Since it became a taper roller also with the upper and lower sides by changing to this product, it is expected that durability will go up.
About the bottom, the bearing parts number was the same in it being pure.
Although the dust cover stuck pure, it was not attached to this product.
Grease up may be needed.
Operation is very smooth.
Although others were also commented, it is kind if it sells not with set sale but with an up-and-down simple substance.