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YAMAHA GRAND AXIS 100 แป้นคอท่อ

Taiwan Yamaha sports scooter which combines 2-stroke 101 cc engine generating 10 horsepower with front and rear 12-inch tires, compact body equivalent to 50 cc and gaining popularity with active running and stable handling.Aluminum cast rear carriers that combine helmet space and main key integral seat opener, aluminum cast rear carriers doubling as grab bar and standing handle, multi-reflector head light, as well as handle lock and keyhole shutter called "G-LOCK", triple guard system of rear wheel lock etc. , The peripheral equipment is also substantial.The 2007 model highlights fearlessness by painting front and rear wheels in black.At the same time the shape of the rearview mirror and the design of the emblem was also changed.There is no change in color lineup, price, main specifications.

ขนาดเครื่องยนต์ 101
แรงม้าสูงสุด 10ps(7.4kw)/7000rpm
แรงบิดสูงสุด 1.1kg・m(11N・m)/6000rpm
น้ำหนักรถสุทธิ(รวมอุปกรณ์) 95kg
ความจุถังน้ำมัน 6.5ลิตร


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Because this Brake Pads is made of a hard material, its characteristics will be exactly as it is.

- The life of Pad is long (Hard to reduce) Instead, discs are reduced.
- Almost no Brake dust. (Wheel is not soiled)
- BrakeTouch becomes stiff. (Feeling like when changing to Mesh hose)
- Brake Squeak easily.
- Brake The effectiveness of the beginning of the hand grip is weak, but if it grips strongly it works strongly.

It is ineffective when it is cold again. Especially the start of running in winter
Attention required.
On the other hand, it seems to be strong against heat, and if Brake warms up to some extent it will improve its effectiveness.
I think this Brake characteristic is suitable for Circuit driving and Long touring
, Usual city riding, shopping etc.. It is a bit hard to handle when riding in.

Package says "Aggressiveness to Rotor Small Small", but that is an honest question.
I ran about 10,000 kilometers, but the disc was wearing as it was.
Instead, Pad is less likely to reduce, and the remaining amount of Pad is still there.
Indeed, Pad is superior to COSPA because it is hard to reduce, but if discs are reduced
I think how it is after all.
When I bought this Pad, it was relatively cheap Manufacturer,
Currently there are overseas cheap Pads, so I'm loving that now.

When it comes down, Disc Lock will show a scratch mark of a different color like Aluminum.
It can be replaced and convenient before it can be reduced

Brake afterwards, so this feeling has no particular problem.
If you can color it Orange, you can buy it even if it is expensive.

BMW S1000R (14 years MODEL) I used it for Rear.
Rear brake works well with NORMALPad, so dare you like Metallica and Jiku etc. It is not cheap and I chose this.
There is no problem with Fe Ring which is comparable to NORMAL.

It is not a feeling that it is strongly effective but a feeling that the required braking force can be reliably obtained according to force. There is a feeling of security with feeling that it feels good while feeling during braking.

I always use this Bad if I comply with my Motorcycle. However, the conformance table has only the old year Motorcycle, and it is troublesome to find out which Size fits into my Motorcycle.
Pad itself, the seat gold is thin, and Pad itself is also thin. Also, the area of ??Pad is narrow. It is suitable for the price, but it is recommended for people who think it is enough. The braking force is Rear so I do not understand it, but it will stop with chitin, so it is OK.

This time, I bought it as Rear's Brake Pads,
I was a little worried until I started using it because the price was cheap.
However, if you actually use it, it is very easy to control Pad performance,
Compatibility with Rear brake was very good as it is a character that works quietly and deeply.

Dust also seems hard to come out so Wheel does not get dirty so I think that is also a good point.

However, since the product is a bright Orange, unless it is Motorcycle based on Orange like KTM
There was an impression that the color of Pad floats a little.

I listen to the reputation at Net and I am Vesra for several years. It is cheaper than OEM, but I always like this with Brake's Touch better than OEM.
There is no aggressiveness to the Brake disc board (There are insanely, Pads wearing boards) ,durability (lifespan) It is also a long, favorite. The exchange Pad of our Motorcycle is all made into a Vesla.
If you think that it is made overseas from the company name, it is JAPAN. This is also a factor that can be relieved.

Replacement work was also able to be attached normally without any problem. It seems that the effectiveness of Brake does not have any problem. Although the price was cheap, I was worried a bit about the effectiveness of Brake as to whether I was going to install it, but there was not any problem. After that, I wonder how long it will have durability, but I will report it later.