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YAMAHA CYGNUS X FI เฟรมรถ / กันล้ม



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In VisualUp I decided to exchange from OEM's Black. I chose Blue, but it is a darker eyes than I thought.
It was just a change from Black to Blue, but it is quite satisfactory.

A price is also handy and is a reliable Brand! If it is called a Dress-up of the circumference of the
Engine up, it will be this too!
It was as could exchange easily and having also considered luster and color!

[web!ke Monitor] Before
, although the thing of other Manufacturers was used, it was coarse, seeing structure.here -- structure of details -- firmly .Although an Air filter also belongs to the company, am I trusting and using it?

It attached to TW225.
Yes, although the tool was needed for removing a cap rather (smile) with no change and I felt that the time and effort of the oil change increased for everything but appearance, appearance completely became good.
In addition, although written to other reports, since a tool is required to remove, it becomes prank prevention.
In others ... Isn't it necessary to write the reason in which it will be better not to exchange in case of the motorcycle with which the oil level gauge sticks to the cap?
Since I feel that it is a little expensive, it is a three stars.
However, I think that four stars may be sufficient as long as only appearance serious consideration becomes.

Although a run changes or there is completely nothing, an o-ring and the price which thinks that I will think that it is still better if attached, and are good since the hole of those who go to a circuit of a wire lock suits and it shines with a sufficient design are also handy.