YAMAHA CYGNUS X FI ระบบกันสะเทือน / โช็คหน้า / อื่นๆ - Webike Thailand

YAMAHA CYGNUS X FI ระบบกันสะเทือน / โช็คหน้า / อื่นๆ



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I used it for kitaco VM26 setting.
Moreover, I will worry ....
carrying out carburetor play comfort -- already .

Carburetor uses VM 18 and purchased this product.
The Mark of MIKUNI is engraved, and the distinction is clearly understood from the other.
Above all, accuracy is wonderful and can be used with confidence.

I bought it because the bulb has run out.
It is the same as OEM so it is not too dark, not too bright. Because the shape has changed a bit, it is a Type that I do not see much at Home center etc.. So as a spare 1pc. You may as well have better.

Since the attached Breather cap had been accidentally thrown away when attaching the Oil catch tank of a KITACO, the goods here of the company were purchased. attachment was attached ordinarily.Since the O ring of the Cap was attached to the accessories here although not attached to the Oil catch tank and it was special, the new article was used.

Since it is slightly high, they are merely four stars.

Since it was 2st, and Main jets were two or more necessities, it purchased. Since the selling in individual parts can buy only a required part, it is profitable.

Since it tended to become big-ticket when he bought every piece, the Set here was purchased. Since it is a Motorcycle to be arranged, they are necessaries.

Although not indicated by explanation, since it was used also for TM of a Mikuni, it purchased. Since it tends to become big-ticket if it is pure and arranges, it is profitable.

Since it tended to become big-ticket when it was pure and each Main jet was arranged, it purchased. In addition, unlike a Set, it is also saved that only a required gage can be purchased.