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SUZUKI GSX-S150 โช๊ค

GSX-S150 is a model for the ASEAN region.In response to the popularity of motor sports in the region, it responds to the growing demand for sports models with high hobbies. I have exported finished cars such as "falcon fishery" from Japan, but I introduced a small displacement sports bike as a step-up model for a wider audience.It is intended to strengthen Suzuki's branding in the ASEAN region. We plan to sell it in the ASEAN region in the beginning, not only in the beginning of 2010 but in Indonesia. Water-cooled single cylinder DOHC 4 valve 147.3 cc engine is mounted on a lightweight and compact body.The "Suzuki Easy Start System" is adopted in which the engine starts only by pushing the keyless ignition system (advanced models only) and one push without keeping the starter switch pressed. Although it is anxious specs, the maximum output is 14.1 kW (19.17 PS) / 11,000 rpm and the maximum torque 13.9 Nm / 8,500 rpm, which is quite high and high output type, according to the latest information on overseas coverage of the show.Equipped with 6-speed mission, LED headlight, full digital liquid crystal meter etc for fuel injection is also full-fledged. It is lightweight with a weight of 126 kg, and it seems that you can expect prompt runs by making full use of the short wheel base of 1300 mm.

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