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The VTR series is a lightweight classic of light-duty two-wheeled vehicles that is highly regarded by customers of all gender regardless of gender, by installing a V-type 2 cylinder engine with tenacious and powerful torque characteristics on a lightweight, It is a road sports model. The vehicle body color of VTR - F adopts matte gun powder black metallic, and expresses fine quality and sporty image by making the frame vivid red.

ขนาดเครื่องยนต์ 249
แรงม้าสูงสุด 30ps(22kw)/10500rpm
แรงบิดสูงสุด 2.2kg・m(22N・m)/8500rpm
น้ำหนักรถสุทธิ(รวมอุปกรณ์) 163kg
ความจุถังน้ำมัน 12ลิตร


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It is always putting in under the sheet for the emergencies at the time of touring.
Although he does not want to encounter the opportunity for this to play an active part ...

The package arrived and tried to install
Since 2016, since the Screen shape is different
Installation could not be done.
When purchasing products of 2013 ~
You had better check well

It often takes a fingertip, it is very easy to handle.
Processing by ponding is absolutely nothing.
(^^) I will also upload photos of Clutch lever.

Feeling of use
As expected, it is sweeter than Bolt stoppage to Carrier, so if it is a box with a horizontal width, it will become more severe for the unbalance of luggage etc.
However, it is fixed more firmly than expected, and there is little wobble.
I am wearing a box named B 47 of GIVI, but I think that the box width up to about 30 L is about 40 cm, so I feel that the feeling of use does not change from the one fixed to the carrier.

About mounting
As this product is once taken BALI, I think that Seat will not be scratched immediately, but if it fixes, the Gold genus part will be strongly pressed against Seat, so long term use and heavy luggage etc If you post it probably Seat will be torn.
Also, since the width of the item is narrow, Belt for fixing also goes to Cowl
To be strongly pressed, Belt's rubbing measures are also necessary.

For the wounds of Seat I will fold the micro fiber toowel for washing for Vehicle for the time being.
We have not taken countermeasures concerning Belt's rubbing, but we plan to paste a scratch prevention Seat on the Cowl side.

The color is also very much in Motorcycle, and it is very easy to use if you get used to easy grip.
Adjuster can also be used to adjust Clutch meat
If you are going to raise it one way around if you corner the corner of Lever you think that it was a shape that was easier to grasp.
Although it is not cheap in terms of Cost performance, it is certain that the price is suitable for + α.

Installation = 5
As expected, there is only OEM, it fits without any gaps.
Level not being noticed that it is exchanged if not told.

quality - Texture = 5
Because it is an OEM, it is completely uncomfortable.
Since HONDA's Logo is also included, we insist on HONDA cars.

Rectification effect = 5
Anyway here is Point!
When cruising at high speed, the fatigue degree that Large is large differs without it!
Whether the 400R Cowling design is good,
Hiding the head inside the Screen and feeling as if it fits comfortably in the ball of air.
Clearly the wind is going around avoiding the body.

Shape = 5
It does not interfere with Handlebar etc, and it has no discomfort at all.
OEM sense of stability.

Cost performance=5
Recently there are many fast moving,
There is no particular complaint if this comfort is available with this extra expense.

CBR 250 r installed in the 1987 year. Feeling I feel a little stiff but Design, performance etc.. I think that it is a good product without complaint. By the way, Lever and two more Sticker and Key Holder are attached.

I purchased it for exchange at the same time as Clutch lever. I was fascinated by the appearance and the shape that seemed easy to grasp.

As you can see in other reviews, making is sweet. The adjustment part seems to be out of something's beat. Also, when I attempted to install on compatible models, Screw did not enter. So, I installed a little processed. I like Visual very much. However, I returned to OEMLever which was originally attached ....

In conclusion, considering the price, this making is reasonable. We will keep it as a reserve when Lever breaks.