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HONDA VTR-F ระบบกันสะเทือน / โช็คหน้า / อื่นๆ

The VTR series is a lightweight classic of light-duty two-wheeled vehicles that is highly regarded by customers of all gender regardless of gender, by installing a V-type 2 cylinder engine with tenacious and powerful torque characteristics on a lightweight, It is a road sports model. The vehicle body color of VTR - F adopts matte gun powder black metallic, and expresses fine quality and sporty image by making the frame vivid red.

ขนาดเครื่องยนต์ 249
แรงม้าสูงสุด 30ps(22kw)/10500rpm
แรงบิดสูงสุด 2.2kg・m(22N・m)/8500rpm
น้ำหนักรถสุทธิ(รวมอุปกรณ์) 163kg
ความจุถังน้ำมัน 12ลิตร


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YZF-R1 (2013)

Mount Kit Multi Bar Holder

We are installing it together.

Handlebaretc. There is no interference with the traveling operation section.

However, there is a bar at the position where it is difficult to push the Ignition switch or the backward Hazard switch, so there is attention there.
Depending on what you install, Meter also disappears partly.

I am "Hyakki Hakakki : Multi-Holder for iPhone5 / 5s "is attached to the Left Side,
Interference with Ignition (You can do the operation itself) , Tachometer 0 to 4 can not be seen.

In other words, although it will be called Position that you can take moving videos etc. with a smartphone (Lol)

It is an easy CustomItems which can be done in about 15 minutes in time.
Even if you become an old man, Light is basically a faction that wants to make it Blackout,
Basically it's Large satisfied.

Although there are comments that there is somewhat difficulty in fitting,
Certainly a bit of hang is necessary.
Lens cover outside "Knob" I briefly bite it,
If you push in the whole thing strongly will be addicted.
If you get used to it, it will finish within 1 minute 2 minutes.

Although it does not go with the shortcomings,
Looking at the daytime it seems that it's a little bit of Blue or it's purple,
Parts not seen in products such as DRC.

However, I do not have difficulty exchanging Parts,
If so, it is unreasonable, but I feel that only Gold amount is high.
Happy speech, yes 7,000 yen ... like.
Nevertheless because it is cool, my car "Love" Has increased.

I bought HID, although I purchased LEDs or HID worried. Slightly, I had a hard time fighting to install, but I set it and tried running at night and it was super bright than Halogen and night driving is comfortable. I definitely recommend it..

Headlight was felt dark, so I tried purchasing. It is easy to replace the installation as it is. After replacing it got brighter. Well satisfied. Originally it seems that 135w class high efficiency Valve was attached, but this pine Stripe's Valve is more bright than that.

This is truly a 5 star product. Fits perfect. Shipping was very fast to Sweden,only 7 days. I would recommend this product to all Grom riders!!!

I installed it in ZZr 1400.
Package's photo was ZX14R, so do not hesitate Select.
I dared to try it as a Plating item.
When installed, I do not mind too much Large Kimono, I think that luxury has been upgraded a bit. I will arrive at your destination without hesitation on the road with Navigation of smartphone!

I bought it for use with ADDRESS V125 before.
At that time I was relieved to use it so purchase made by Mukawa instead this time.
I installed it on z 125.
Just unplug and exchange (Lol)
I think that anyone can attach it without problems.

Thanks to this main jet, the best setting was decided.
I added it in autumn, I think that it is a CVK type carburetor and it is good to have a setting that can be used throughout the year.
It is a really small main jet, but its role is really Large.