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I ordered Titanium blue, but regrettable because it is far from the light blue color. I was planning to align with Titanium Exhaust, so Large Shock. Because it is cloudy weather, Blue may not be shining so much, but I regret that I should have made Silver. One star of quality texture is dissatisfied only with coloring, and it is not a bad translation, so I will report it.

Two kinds of O ring are attached and it is convenient. Although it is stated to pay attention to the direction of Package, is there any orientation for this product? If it is written, it will only be confusing unless it is stated so that you can understand it firmly.

I searched for CBR 250 R Parts and it appeared here. CBR was also listed at the bottom of the compatible model so it does not fit when I bought ..... This was a complete trap.

First, since two O-rings are bundled together, it is not necessary to procure Oil Filter and OEMO-ring separately, so convenient. Moreover, Cost is also affordable. Filter fold also increases by 20%, so there will be good impact. Just do not feel it. I think that I will continue to use this in the future.

Because anyone can open it easily if it is NORMAL, I tried to replace it with a type that can not be loosened without a tool.
Replacement is very easy.
Just remove the OEM Product and divert it and install it.
I also improved the appearance (I think that) I think that it was good to exchange.

It is cheaper than ordering OEMFilter,
O-ring also comes with a sense of coming.
1pc. If you buy it comes with everything so it's safe.
Although the performance of Filter is unknown, there is nothing troubling especially to date.
Filter is a consumable item so it is very appreciated to say that it is cheap and easy to purchase
I will also purchase this next time.

I tried to exchange it myself and purchased it. Oil began to blow out from the Filter place the next day when having Filter without Packing replaced in the Motorcycle Parts store before. I heard that Large seemed to be durable. I will make sure to buy with Packing after hiding indignation.

I could use it for HORNET 250. It was uneasy because it was used for the first time, but there is no abnormality in particular. O-ring was included so it was good. It is not so expensive, so I may use the next one.