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HONDA STEED400 VSE ระบบกันสะเทือน / โช็คหน้า / อื่นๆ



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It is Repeat..
Oh yeah, so it's not a casually exchangeable part, so just cheap things are not enough for credit and we are using only the proven A Lead.
Silicon grease enclosed with Chan and Package is pleased.
Because I can not feel bodily feeling about use feeling ,,,,,

A Lead's Repeater.
Many cheap ones are sold, but because it is a part that can not be easily replaced, we love A Lead with a proven track record.
Small Silicon grease in a bag (?) I am glad that it is attached (Lol)

Thanks to this main jet, the best setting was decided.
I added it in autumn, I think that it is a CVK type carburetor and it is good to have a setting that can be used throughout the year.
It is a really small main jet, but its role is really Large.

I bought it for Setting of CVK 24.
Set is cheaper, but it is troublesome to get expensive as these odd numbers are bulk selling. Although it is a little less than 500 yen, it will not be foolish if you buy a few, and it will be in vain unless it.

Well setting is suitable, such investment is good enough that I am happy.

Although it is only VT, which has been only a few months since the exchange, Fork oil adherence has become visible to a little Inner part (' - Ω - `)
Since the point Rust was somewhat in the Inner part, is not it fairly good if you have 2 months?

Although it was not bleeding to worry about, I decided to exchange it together because the Inner part removed from the part pickup vehicle got in (handled as ` - Ω - ')

Although it is the amount of Oil this time, I felt a bit Stroke was astringent in the prescribed amount we put in the last time so put Oil in a soft item and tried to make it a little less.
Dirt was seen inside, so I cleaned up at the same time.

It took about 2 days to run about 500 km while assembling, while adjusting the Air inside the Fork on the Service station, confirming that leaks and bleeding disappeared and the work is completed.

In the Oil seal of the OEM, there was Rust, it had spread quickly from there, but this Oil seal was pretty good as it was usable for 2 months without leakage.
It is said that Fork in a neat and beautiful state seems to be able to use it for 1 and 2 years without problems.
The person who replied SR previously can still use without leaking ヾ ('∀ `*) A

About VT last year I felt that the ups and downs of Fork seemed to be intensifying, but while I noticed that it was a little bit blurred, I became miserable and misguided and riding, I just got back home from shopping and put it in the garage A few hours later Oil leaked from Fork and the Fender was covered with Oil.
In this state, the Oil is scattered in the Tire and it is dangerous. As soon as I feel I have to exchange Fork seal and Dust Seal, I bought the same Manufacturer's Fork seal which I used for SR before.

Since Dust Seal is not included, you need to prepare Dust Seal separately, but I felt it was reasonably affordable even though I thought of only Fork seal.
Package is packing at the Level which is necessary at minimum, and extra garbage never increases, yet it felt that it is also easy to open Package so that it is also very good in that aspect.

Quality is same as OEM. , Or even when used before, there were some points Rust on the Inner moving part but there is no such thing as it will be torn and leaked from there, even now even after half a year passed, it can be used without problem.
It takes a lot of time to change the Fork seal so it will be a work hour so that if you are familiar with it, even with two people you have to watch 3 or 4 hours, but Fork seal - After replacing Fork oil, it absorbs and shrinks the shock at the step so that it is not compared with Oil that is coming out or is outdated.

Because it is a part used for Parts that supports the car body and keeping Balance, cheap items are a little ... I think that it's of Level's problem to use it without worry even those who use it safely.
This time SR - Since VT has the same diameter, we used the same ProductNo thing, but there are various Size and there are various Size and conforming cars so when replacing Fork seal or replacing Fork oil, Repeat this Fork seal I think I will purchase it.
There is no disappointing point and durability is also very good so we can recommend it to any way you use it like on-road vehicles such as off-road vehicles and American on-road vehicles, town-riding vehicles, commuter vehicles, vehicles for circuits etc. It is seal..

It carried out now which was purchased and was kept for a while. Since time was made and he understood the method of OH, Oil seals were exchanged. Especially, it could do satisfactorily, and
> attachment does not have an exhaust air omission, oil leakage, etc., either, and was finished (since it is a new article do naturally?). I also regard
> Sas's motion as a Smooth a little. The
price is also handy and satisfactory.

Since the Air cleaner box of NSR250 was removed, MJ was arranged for the Setting.
It purchased No. 160, No. 170, No. 175, No. 180, and two No. 185 at a time.
Since it was also ten pieces in all and the price had used before at a low price, the reliable KITACO was used.
I take out a Setting with this roughly and think that I will add No. 2 of a between, and No. 8 to my purchase later.