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HONDA RTL260F แฮนค์/อะไหล่แฮนค์


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It installed in the 92 year GSX 400. OEMPlug, code was also heavily degraded and replaced.
When using it obviously the acceleration in the low speed region increased, fuel efficiency was slightly better than 2 km, but it got better (Lol)
Work took less than an hour
It was NGK product so it was safe to install!
It was a perfect product for the old Motorcycle

Attaching an external Carburetor to the FTR 223.
Is it ignition power that I thought good?
While setting Carburetor
If Idling is improved, it will be CUB at the initial speed.
Make a misfire at the initial speed when weaken Idling.
People who are good at setting Carburetor have no such trouble
I guess that was helped in the case of Mr. Watashi.
Because it will ignite firmly over the whole area Normal cord
Improved place where I was in trouble.
I advanced forward.
It seems that I can try hard for the Best Setting. Lol

It installed in VANVAN 200.
I think that Mechanical and nighttime LED lighting are also beautiful and good.
Performance is an absolute condition, but accuracy etc etc. I think that it is one way of enjoyment if it feels like running fun with STREET in atmosphere in so much regard.

I actually installed it, I feel that the atmosphere has changed.
The accuracy as a Meter is honest ?, but I think that it would be good if I could be self-satisfied with a handy price.

It installed in GB 250

I replaced it because the Cap connection was loose due to vibration, but I think that the startability and Rose Tsuki at low rotation also felt somewhat

Since GB 250 was originally short distance from Coil to Plug, the included Plug cord 55 cm was too long

I wish there were shorter ones

We also exchanged with Battery and did carburetorOH.
Startability - Acceleration is very good and enough for town ride.
Points to note when purchasing Plug connection part has L shape and I character so check it!

【What made you decide the purchase?】
The nighttime lighting of the product introduction photograph looked beautiful
Because the price was cheap.

【How was it actually used?】
Nighttime lighting fires beautifully with LED
Only the needle shines globally in red color Ultra Parenthesis is nice!
Product introduction According to the photos, no more than that!

【Mounting was difficult?】
I think that it is not difficult, but for me to install
It took me half an hour and a half.

【Please tell me the installation point and hang】
When the Bolt position of Meter Body is NSR 50 - With 80 OEMMeter
Compared to about 90-degrees deviated in the direction of rotation
When you attach it to OEM Meter Bracket
0Km / H or 140 Km / Scale of h is directly above or below.
Product photos Introducing photos attached with V-shaped Bracket
Although I knew the Bolt position if I looked closely - - -.
It was a lack of confirmation. We sell at home center etc.
You can install it in the correct orientation by using a bar like Bracket.
WiringCoupler installation process is also essential.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
- - - It was Happy..
Plus Approximately 10 Km / Display in the Happy state of h.
(30Km / 40 km when traveling / H, 40 Km / If h, 50 Km / It refers to h)
I got it to run in the car and confirmed it, so there is no mistake.
NSR50 - 80 Meter gearBox (Department ProductNo 44800 - GT 4 - 003) Does not it synchronize with
Whether only the goods that we ordered by chance are bad
I do not know but I am very sorry..

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
At least Plus 3 Km / I wanted you to be Happy of h.

【Have you compared items?】
KITACO160Km / hSpeedometer
The exact speed display is "KITACO" Mr..
Color, night lighting is in the dark.
It is STRIKE 750 in me.

Do not worry about SpeedHappy display
(Display speed in the head Minus 10 Km / H if possible - - - )
It is recommended if you are looking for Dress-up.

Since several years had passed since the beginning of using of a NGK Racing cable, it changed into this product. Since structure differed from a Racing cable, it was puzzled a little, but it can be especially used without a problem.

I think that rotation of the
Engine and Power exchanged since the Plug was made into the Iridium and the
Plug cord was also becoming old went up -- do
exchange of -- it cut