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HONDA RTL260F คันเกียร์


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If I grind with METALCompound it will shine and the Reverse side blew Clear for just in case, but in 1 year use it is rust etc etc. There is none.

At the same time I made a Separate handle of Fork Mounting after a while I noticed that this Bracket faced ↓ and attached directly under the Handlebar where the Clutch Cable rubbed and the coating of the Cable was scratched.
Currently it is up just above Three-Pronged Fork, up.

Since the product of a Fender, a Muffler, and the company was chosen, it united, and it purchased also here. Texture is highly satisfied although it is simple.

It purchased according to changing a light. A Stay somewhat long at slight thinness has a circumference of a light visible to a SMART rather than a Stay besides

Although the high mounted Stay of chuckbox was used temporarily by a certain photography ( SWFp_eRs0), since it was an object for photography to the last, it changed here. Since the
2. Fork clamp which a
1. fixing position can adjust easily is slim, the
> advantage. In a jumble, compared with
1.chuckbox, the bore diameter by the side of a too cheap (it is whether it is reasonably priced)
2. Headlight of the
> fault with little admiration was M8, and since its own light was M10, it had to be processed by itself. (Even if it extends, intensity seems to be OK well)
> -- if the one where a Stay is longer is incidentally turned up, a light can be attached low. Conversely, high mounted one is possible if it carries out.

If it says by force, I will want you to improve texture more. . .

It is Mr. GOODS's pipe light stay.
Since pure light stay was in SABISABI, the goods here were purchased.
It attached to SR400 of 2004 models.
Well, it is considerably pleasing individually.
Although appearance is also so, since it is a stainless raw material, it is strong to rust, and since finishing does not glitter unnaturally, it may be astringent.
Attachment is also very easy.
However, since blinker stay is also one, the pure light stay also needs to prepare blinker stay separately.
Since it is not so expensive well (probably w), let's also buy blinker stay if you like.
笙ェ which is recommended

Attachment was easy and the circumference of Wright felt it refreshed.

CB400SS is equipped.
Even if this light stay itself did not remove a top bridge, it could equip with it, but the work removed in order to remove the light stay of normal was required.
Wright is the touch which comes out before some rather than the state of normal.

The circumference of the headlight of SR400 was felt refreshed and purchased.
Since [ truly appropriate for normal ], headlight stay of normal was felt quite refreshed.
And there is a high grade feeling considerably from normal.
Although it is needed, the move of a blinker can be exchanged comparatively easily, if it does often observing a configuration.
I think that it is good for changing atmosphere for a while.