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HONDA FORZA-Si (MF12) ชุดเกียร์โยง

Forza Si carries out thorough ease of handling in everyday life and comfortableness of running and carries a water-cooled 4-stroke OHC 4 valve single cylinder engine developed according to the output characteristics demanded of a big scooter.Running silky from the rise, even better response in the low and medium speed range, good running performance, high speed running smooth, high-quality running.Also pursuing high environmental performance as well as running performance.Combining light weight and slim body and setting with V matic bring out excellent fuel efficiency. For narrower body shape and slim front cowl shape, it is easy to grasp the sense of the car width and the front, and also featuring a sense of safety with a seat height of 715 mm, easy to handle Forza Si.In addition, a new cradle type backbone frame with a combination of toughness and suppleness adopts a dedicated link structure for engine mount, pursues low vibration and ride comfort.From the design of the body to the skeleton of the car body, sticking to the comfort of running comfortably, it is possible to run relaxed in a wide range of scenes from narrow places such as back alley to high speed cruising on expressway etc, and tandem driving We adopt a well-balanced frame. Just grasp the left brake lever, and equipped with a combination brake system * in which front and rear brakes operate with proper distribution.Combined with front and rear disc brakes, front triple piston calipers etc, pursue excellent braking feeling.In addition, the combination ABS is combined with a combination brake system that combines ABS (anti-lock brake system) function that avoids locking of front and rear wheels due to excessive braking.

ขนาดเครื่องยนต์ 248
แรงม้าสูงสุด 23ps(17kw)/7500rpm
แรงบิดสูงสุด 2.3kg・m(23N・m)/6000rpm
น้ำหนักรถสุทธิ(รวมอุปกรณ์) 192kg
ความจุถังน้ำมัน 11ลิตร


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It is an easy CustomItems which can be done in about 15 minutes in time.
Even if you become an old man, Light is basically a faction that wants to make it Blackout,
Basically it's Large satisfied.

Although there are comments that there is somewhat difficulty in fitting,
Certainly a bit of hang is necessary.
Lens cover outside "Knob" I briefly bite it,
If you push in the whole thing strongly will be addicted.
If you get used to it, it will finish within 1 minute 2 minutes.

Although it does not go with the shortcomings,
Looking at the daytime it seems that it's a little bit of Blue or it's purple,
Parts not seen in products such as DRC.

However, I do not have difficulty exchanging Parts,
If so, it is unreasonable, but I feel that only Gold amount is high.
Happy speech, yes 7,000 yen ... like.
Nevertheless because it is cool, my car "Love" Has increased.

Items of this price with this price range are plating thin or cheesy things so many things I have only seen things hesitant to install on my Motorcycle, but I got lost but purchased because it was inexpensive. Results Large purchase and Large It was good.

I bought HID, although I purchased LEDs or HID worried. Slightly, I had a hard time fighting to install, but I set it and tried running at night and it was super bright than Halogen and night driving is comfortable. I definitely recommend it..

This is truly a 5 star product. Fits perfect. Shipping was very fast to Sweden,only 7 days. I would recommend this product to all Grom riders!!!

In the picture OEM blinker on the left and the grey blinker on the right. Ordered and received within a week to Sydney Australia. Blinkers are exactly as they were advertised and fit well on a 2016/2017 Grom MSX125SF. 2 x Dual Contact bulbs for the front and 2 x Single Contact bulbs for the rear. Because the lenses are grey with an orange flashing bulb (that looks silver coated in the picture) the flashing is quite dim compared with OEM. I'd say maybe 60-65% brightness of the OEM. If you're happy with that then by all means this is the product for you.

2016 NC 750S RC 88 was also firmly compatible with.
Since the Tail lamp was originally Clear Lens
If you also unify Blinker, exchange it or not.
How about that?
I am satisfied with Large.

Well then where will I beat next?

It will be exchanged from Valve of NORMAL.
The color temperature is too low and it is Yellow color so it is inexpensive
I was looking for Valve and it is less than 500 yen
I found a very lean one and decided it promptly.

Because the color temperature is 5200 K, White instead of BlueWhite
I was expecting, but it is somewhat yellow color.
The color of Valve itself is also like Blue so when it is off
The inside of Lens looks beautiful.

I also added the Position of the LED
As this is white, it looks more Yellow.

Looking at the ground that is actually being irradiated, White color
In the sense that it is visible at night as it can be seen
It is a feeling that there was an effect.

I want to wait and see.

Impulse buying a new type CBR 400R (2016-NC 47 latter term) I wanted to convert ColoredLens to chic. It seems that it can be used in the same shape as the Lens of the NC 700X, so when you match the spot, it is Don Pissha! It's cool! Just making it has a BALI, there is a part with a fine Wound, or sorry.
I do not know if I do not mind. As it is also in other people 's impressions, it is hard to settle with subtle distortion.