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HONDA FORZA-Si (MF12) ชุดสีมอเตอร์ไซค์

Forza Si carries out thorough ease of handling in everyday life and comfortableness of running and carries a water-cooled 4-stroke OHC 4 valve single cylinder engine developed according to the output characteristics demanded of a big scooter.Running silky from the rise, even better response in the low and medium speed range, good running performance, high speed running smooth, high-quality running.Also pursuing high environmental performance as well as running performance.Combining light weight and slim body and setting with V matic bring out excellent fuel efficiency. For narrower body shape and slim front cowl shape, it is easy to grasp the sense of the car width and the front, and also featuring a sense of safety with a seat height of 715 mm, easy to handle Forza Si.In addition, a new cradle type backbone frame with a combination of toughness and suppleness adopts a dedicated link structure for engine mount, pursues low vibration and ride comfort.From the design of the body to the skeleton of the car body, sticking to the comfort of running comfortably, it is possible to run relaxed in a wide range of scenes from narrow places such as back alley to high speed cruising on expressway etc, and tandem driving We adopt a well-balanced frame. Just grasp the left brake lever, and equipped with a combination brake system * in which front and rear brakes operate with proper distribution.Combined with front and rear disc brakes, front triple piston calipers etc, pursue excellent braking feeling.In addition, the combination ABS is combined with a combination brake system that combines ABS (anti-lock brake system) function that avoids locking of front and rear wheels due to excessive braking.

ขนาดเครื่องยนต์ 248
แรงม้าสูงสุด 23ps(17kw)/7500rpm
แรงบิดสูงสุด 2.3kg・m(23N・m)/6000rpm
น้ำหนักรถสุทธิ(รวมอุปกรณ์) 192kg
ความจุถังน้ำมัน 11ลิตร


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I have just started using it so I do not know the durability yet, but overall I am satisfied.
I thought that it was a tough one, but it is a little troublesome to put it on a daily basis because it's a little heavy but I think I made very good shopping.

I'm from sri lanka , its hard find OEM products here bt when i saw this site and orderd it fast shipped also a hight tone siren alarm here no need to aditional work just plug security harness thats all need. The packing of package is good and secure , they even give you two security stickers and wire tides. Alarm amed in 60s and when you repair your bike or filling fuel to bike you can turn it off thats a good option . Finnaly to say its good product no need about your bike battery life,

The performance of Body is good. Sensitivity is good and it will not malfunction with unnecessary vibration. However, the method of releasing Alarm is roundabout. If the Engine key is ON, grasp the Brake lever and turn off the key to be released (It sounds twice with Phi Phi). In the morning, in order to release the key from the OFF state, such as when pushing Motorcycle by pressing it before running, hold the Brake lever and turn the key on and off. (Phi, Pipi ring four times). At this time, the electronic devices that are powered from the ACC position of the key are simultaneously turned on and off in a short time. How is this?. It is noisy to ring four times. So instead of turning the keys ON and OFF, I attach a Small Type Switch between Alarm Body and the speaker and mute when I do not want to sound.

Size of Just fit when Center Stand stops on CB 400 SB equipped with Top box.
Material is too low Impact on the car body with 2 tailored lining of Soft Fabric.
I looked around here but this shop was the lowest price.

I also considered other Alarms, but since REMOTE CONTROLLER feels troublesome, I made it to OEM.
There is no manual, only handling Instruction Manual.
Since the manual was copied by DREAM,
Can be installed without problems.
If you attach Rear Carrier etc, it will not work unless you do not remove it.

The volume is moderate, but it becomes PiPiPi with a high sound so it's easy to understand. It does not sound in the degree of hitting Cover, it is necessary to turn over Cover in a very nuisance.
This will give you some sense of security w

I got cb 400 SB to be attached as Honda OEM.
Looking at various reviews, it was Image which was hard to use, but because I also attached the Option's Indicator, even with Self refueling just after delivering, I made it without mistake.
It does not sound if the degree of hanging Cover is off and there is no grace from about the first day as there is a grace of about 1 minute after Engine stop.
No matter where you park, it's a sense of security.. I feel like I do not need a lock, but just keep in mind that another night lock will be added. In a new car!

I cannot get this to work with my 2014 MSX125, there are no instructions available in English and Honda Dealers just turn you away for buying a Japanese part... what a waste of cash.

Purchased this because I wanted to hang Cover while keeping the Large Yu Top case on and the fact that Bike Cover I used before was torn by deterioration.
It is safe without appearance that Vinyl of the surface is hardened by using nearly half a year.

Although Vinyl has water repellency and breathability is good, if the drainage of the Motorcycle storage site is bad, the interior of Cover will be drenched by evaporation from the bottom after it rains. It is better to be careful as you can not prevent even with the attached Band. This may be true for all Cover, but ...