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HONDA FORZA-Si (MF12) ชุดท่อไอเสีย

Forza Si carries out thorough ease of handling in everyday life and comfortableness of running and carries a water-cooled 4-stroke OHC 4 valve single cylinder engine developed according to the output characteristics demanded of a big scooter.Running silky from the rise, even better response in the low and medium speed range, good running performance, high speed running smooth, high-quality running.Also pursuing high environmental performance as well as running performance.Combining light weight and slim body and setting with V matic bring out excellent fuel efficiency. For narrower body shape and slim front cowl shape, it is easy to grasp the sense of the car width and the front, and also featuring a sense of safety with a seat height of 715 mm, easy to handle Forza Si.In addition, a new cradle type backbone frame with a combination of toughness and suppleness adopts a dedicated link structure for engine mount, pursues low vibration and ride comfort.From the design of the body to the skeleton of the car body, sticking to the comfort of running comfortably, it is possible to run relaxed in a wide range of scenes from narrow places such as back alley to high speed cruising on expressway etc, and tandem driving We adopt a well-balanced frame. Just grasp the left brake lever, and equipped with a combination brake system * in which front and rear brakes operate with proper distribution.Combined with front and rear disc brakes, front triple piston calipers etc, pursue excellent braking feeling.In addition, the combination ABS is combined with a combination brake system that combines ABS (anti-lock brake system) function that avoids locking of front and rear wheels due to excessive braking.

ขนาดเครื่องยนต์ 248
แรงม้าสูงสุด 23ps(17kw)/7500rpm
แรงบิดสูงสุด 2.3kg・m(23N・m)/6000rpm
น้ำหนักรถสุทธิ(รวมอุปกรณ์) 192kg
ความจุถังน้ำมัน 11ลิตร


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【What made you decide the purchase?】
- Off Car Exhaust System-like shape
- Off Exhaust System-like color of a car (Matte Silver)

【How was it actually used?】
In order to improve looks rather than performance Up, MORIWAKI's Exhaust System (ProductNo : I changed it for 01810-6J1K6-00).
Off By the Exhaust System-like Design like a car, CrossoverStyle which is a 400X Concept is emphasized and satisfied (^_^)
The weight is also about 1 compared to Normal muffler. 5kg (36%) It was lighter and I was able to experience the effect by turning back and walking around.
By the way, the volume was somewhat larger than NORMAL, the bass sounded good sound..

【Mounting was difficult?】
Although I asked the Motorcycle supplies store for installation,
- You do not have to remove Under Cowl etc. at the time of exchange
- Do not use Spring for Exhaust pipe connection
So if you are a person who has exchanged the Exhaust System, it is not difficult to install.

【Please tell me the installation point and hang】
Installation is omitted because it was asked to Motorcycle supplies store.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
I ran about 2300 km from the time of installation, but it is not particularly so for now.

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
Nothing in particular.

【Have you compared items?】
- MUGEN : Slip-on Silencer System
(https : / / www. webike. net / sd / 21406392 / )
I like the shape, but because the color is glossy Silver, I purchased this Exhaust System person.

With the relation of waste Gas regulation, 16 years MODEL (G type) For the case below the following items are compatible.
- Slip-on Silencer MX(ProductNo : 01810-6J1N4-00)
(https : / / www. webike. net / sd / 23389154 / )

* "The 12th Impression Con test" (https : / / www. webike. net / campaign / 2017 / 11 / 20171201_impression_contest / ) I am writing Impre with reference to the Template that was prepared at.

It is attached to the 400X black. First of all I have a good sound. Often there were no genuine mufflers to notice the existence, but this muffler idling also began to echo bass and the sounds up to 5000 revs have never had good sounds. Although it will not be heard much by the engine sound when it gets high revolution, it will be unavoidable because it is a muffler that goes through the vehicle inspection. I think that there is a loss by buying it other than those who like quiet sounds to go through the vehicle inspection and make such a good sound. Installation is the same as ordinary muffler and there are no difficult points in particular. I do not have to bother exchanging the time of car inspection so please put it once (^^)
I bought a baked color and it is cool to 400 X BLACK, but if I think now, I wonder if ordinary Silver was okay (Yakiniko is slightly care for Large change) I think it's a good Exhaust System that also fits CBR 400R and CB 400 F ♪

OEM is too quiet too, Eg rotation speed is hard to grasp when starting, things that it seems likely to stall dangerously often.

After exchanging, exhaust sound was heard with the ear, it became easier to grasp the rotation speed of Eg and started to move easily.

Low rotation range : Axel's attachment turned somewhat mild, it became easier to get on at Left or at low speed.

Medium rotation range : OEM's considerably accelerated acceleration, slight improvement after replacement. If you can open it from inside the bank, although it is a little, it came out properly in front.

High rotation range : I did not feel so much change.

Titanium silencer is very beautiful and beautiful, welding is polite and high quality. Sound is quiet, gentlemann Exhaust System.