HONDA CBR250RR (MC22) โช๊ค - Webike Thailand


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It is a replacement because the rim cracked. My model has a front desk, but there is no rear (We ordered excel) The aluminum nipple could also be exchanged without any problems. Just offset was aimed at the center, but my KX seems to be offset toward Left. By the way, OEM nipple does not fit.

I bought for WR250F

My WR is 2013 USMODEL Rear wheel size is 1. It is 85.

Z-WHEEL Ze Wheel R 50 It is Rim, when Size is 2. Size up to 15

(Front will be same size)

What I thought was good was that in the case of WR 250 F, Nipple could use Yamaha OEM Product as it was

OEMSpoke could also be used

Depending on the model, you need to replace Nipple with Z - WHEEL, but you can check the compatibility chart that marks this area as well

Of course the product itself is satisfied

However, the Bead stopper is accompanied by Size up 2. 15 is necessary for replacement

As a digression I tried Challenge to Rim exchange at DIY with this purchase

At that time I purchased DRC Gyro Stand

This is also easy to use, there are also videos of how to use it is safe for the first time