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HONDA CB300R ระบบกันสะเทือน / โช็คหน้า / อื่นๆ



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There is also an LED Lamp with a device for heat dissipation behind Valve, but there are cases where it can not fit in the Headlight case eventually, but since the back of Valve does not protrude, Valve will be in Beauty To fit in.

When Position was changed to LED, the color changed to Main valve and there was a slight discomfort,
When I changed it to this product, it was perfect.
Larger satisfied because the price was affordable Gold price.
As a precaution, we recommend that you check the hole diameter before installing Valve.
The Body situation will have a considerable diameter to dissipate heat.

I bought HID, although I purchased LEDs or HID worried. Slightly, I had a hard time fighting to install, but I set it and tried running at night and it was super bright than Halogen and night driving is comfortable. I definitely recommend it..

Selecting Halogen with certainty.
Year old Since it is old, Gold selection
It gets better visibility and seems to be comfortable even in the evening.
If we want more brightness, it is only HID, but if it is Light of Cut lens instead of Reflector it can be Halogen even if it is H4.

Halogen bulb manufactured by Absolute exchanged two years ago has reached the end of life, and super vibration proof HDSpec. I bought a super clear of M & H pine Stripe company in touch.

The brightness is slightly inferior to Absolute, but the color of Super clear is not bad. Life wants to work hard for about 4 - 5 years.

Headlight was felt dark, so I tried purchasing. It is easy to replace the installation as it is. After replacing it got brighter. Well satisfied. Originally it seems that 135w class high efficiency Valve was attached, but this pine Stripe's Valve is more bright than that.

It will be exchanged from Valve of NORMAL.
The color temperature is too low and it is Yellow color so it is inexpensive
I was looking for Valve and it is less than 500 yen
I found a very lean one and decided it promptly.

Because the color temperature is 5200 K, White instead of BlueWhite
I was expecting, but it is somewhat yellow color.
The color of Valve itself is also like Blue so when it is off
The inside of Lens looks beautiful.

I also added the Position of the LED
As this is white, it looks more Yellow.

Looking at the ground that is actually being irradiated, White color
In the sense that it is visible at night as it can be seen
It is a feeling that there was an effect.

I want to wait and see.

Although it can be Recommendation to those who say, if it is White light, it feels a little dark with the light intensity of about High Wattage bulb.

I wanted to do something quickly with the ball cutting out, so I put it this time, but I prefer a little Yellow sexy one.

But I think it's okay to put Beauty White light easily without such functional things.

If you do not go mountain path of fog smoking night, it is Recommendation with Cool.