Sandstorm 4H Tankbag

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    Waterproofing: waterproof main compartment, welded-seam waterproof fabric, waterproof map pocket
    Soft, un-reinforced design eliminates the "soprano effect"
    Red inner lining for high visibility
    Waterproof cable ducts to main compartment and map pocket
    1 adjustable fold-away separator in the main compartment: Fold it in to divide your bag, fold it away to have one large compartment
    1 zipper pocket on the separator
    1 zipper pocket in the main compartment
    Various holding loops in the main compartment
    Removable document pouch under the cover with pen holder, mesh pocket and key ring
    Deluxe shoulder strap (sold separately)
    ROKstraps can be stored under the floor construction for comfortable carrying
    Firm seat under even the most extreme off road riding
    Easy fastening, quick removal
    Quick access for refueling
    No flapping straps
    Washable and easy to clean
    Internal volume: 7 Liters
    Large, waterproof map pocket: 27.5cm L x 19cm W (10.8" L x 7.5" W)
    27cm L x 20cm W x 16cm H (10.6" L x 7.9" W x 6.3" H)


    On Serious Off Road Rides, Free Range To Move Your Weight For And Aft Is Paramount. Most Tankbags Aren'T Up To The Rigors Of Real Dirt Duty, Or Worse, Their Overly Reinforced Walls And Large Size Will Have You Singing Soprano Should You Hit An Unexpected Obstacle At Speed.

    Enduristan'S Sandstorm 4H Tankbag Is Small And Soft Enough To Not Get In The Way During The Good Stuff While Also Being Tough Enough To Survive It.



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