【SP Takegawa】Front Fender (ABS) for SP TAKEGAWA Φ27/30 Fork

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Front Fender: Chrome Film
Inner: Black

[Material] ABS

[Compatible Wheel]
10" Wheel
SP Takegawa 12" Wheel

[Compatible Fork]
SP Takegawa 27mm Upright Fork (Type 1)
30mm Upright Fork


Front Fender (ABS) x 1

[Related products and information]
Other Type

Manual: Japanese

[Online Catalog]
SP Takegawa's Online Catalog (Japanese)


- For use with 10 inch wheels or SP Takegawa 12 inch wheels and SP Takegawa Φ27 upright front forks (type 1) or Φ30 upright front forks.
- This product cannot be installed on SP Takegawa Φ27 upright front fork (2 pieces).
- Please prepare the service manual for the compatible model and follow the installation instructions carefully. This instruction manual and service manual are intended for people with basic skills and knowledge. If you do not have experience in installation, or if you do not have the necessary tools, skillls and knowledge, we recommend that you contact a technically qualified store.


[Product Description]
When the Monkey Gorilla is equipped with SP Takegawa's 10-inch Φ27 upright font fork kit (type 1) or Φ30 upright front fork and converted to 10-inch, the stock front fender will not fit and this front fender will be required.
Unlike existing FRP products, ABS products are less likely to crack and can be used like genuine parts. The back side of the ABS product is also beautifully finished, so it will not spoil the sense of custom from the rear.

The front fenders are not drilled to allow for different mounting positions depending on the type of tire. Please check the space between the fender and the tire and the style of the bike before drilling the hole.
SP Takegawa's front fender has ruled lines for drilling holes, so it can be easily processed.


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    Because it is Front fork of Mukawa ___ ___ 0.
    Material seems to be sticking PlatingFilm with ABS resin. Although it may deform even a little hitting, I think that there is not much to break.
    There is no hole in the mounting, so there is a paper pattern in the manual. I installed it at the position of the Instruction Manual but I feel that the feelings between Tire and Fender are too wide.
    Tire's flat is 80.
    I like Fender's Design but I hope the price is a bit cheaper.

    Takegawa 27 Pie Stem Width 173 mm Front It is Plating fender I was looking for it from NORMAL
    I bought it because Takegawa had good ones.
    A little gold amount is high but it is very good
    Fender seems to be a little soft, but if it is installed Fit feeling is good It is easy to install and the mounting hole is drilled with a drill Drill 6. It opened with 5 mm

    The takegawa plated front wheel guard is nice quality abs plastic and looks like a metal guard with the advantage of light weight. I have been for plenty of rides and still no scratches or marks on the guard. easy to clean, just rinse with warm water and the dirt and dust washes away leaving a blinding shine. buy it.

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