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* We recommend the use of MOTOLED License Plate Light for the license plate when driving on public roads.


It sets LED tail lamp unit on flexible plastic LED rear fender.
It pursues functional beauty by combining future design and LED.
It is mounted on the MX type rear fender by drilling.
It is with a license plate holder of Japan specification.
The "MOTO LED" is a model that achieved the ideal required for lights of off-road vehicles.
It maximizing the features of the LED, and pursuing reduction of durability, power consumption and compactness under all circumstances, and it is a highly competitive product completed.
It adopts ultra high brightness LED.
It has outstanding visibility with LED's over 10,000mm CANDELA!
It has a reaction rate UP.
The reaction rate is 0.2 second faster than the STD valve, and it instantly tells the rider's intention to the lamp and has a large safety effect.
It has a high durability.
It is possible to use approximately 100,000-hours with always lighting up, and it is excellent in earthquake resistance and impact resistance and hard to break.
Do not worry about running out of bulbs because there is no glass breakage when wet with water, and it is almost no heat generation of LED body.
It is possible to use permanent without the hassle of replacing troublesome bulbs.
It has a power saving.
It usually clears the problem of headlight dimming during braking which tends to occur in vehicles with less power generation or battery less vehicles with approximately 40% of consumption of valves.

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    After installation, operation checked, Stop-lamp did not turn on!
    There is no mistake in Wiring, even if it is attached to NORMAL and confirmed, the body side has no problem!

    We changed Wiring and confirmed the Tail lamp and Stop-lamp separately
    Because the illuminance is the same, it turns out that it does not understand even if Stop-lamp is turned on!

    Since it can not be used as it is, purchase LED Tail Lamp separately!
    It has become useless expenses.

    Rear fender also used for XR 250.
    This time I tried installing it to KLX 125.
    Processing is necessary because it is not a special item, but it has become a good feeling.

    It is used for the fender less of KLX125.
    Although little processing was naturally required, in the smartness, it is large satisfaction.
    Although he wanted to carry a photograph, the motorcycle was stolen after that.

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