【DAYTONA】Air inflator (Air Inlet Compressor)

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Meter panel Diameter: Φ50
•200kPa is Approximately 2.00kgf/cm2, 1kgf/cm2=98.0665kPa
Measurable Range: 0-400kPa


*Please use working pressure or 700kPa or less.
*Please purchase the air plug after checking the size of your current hose socket.


Using the Compressor, Tire's Inflator is quick and easy to use with the Air formula. T-shaped with Attachment for use with most motorcycles.


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    daytona: -- DAYTONA:air inflater (inflator for compressors) product number: -- diameter of 41767 description-of-item meter panel: -- please use it with 700 or less kPa of phi50 * working pressure.
    - An about 2.00 kgf/cm21 kgf/cm2=98.0665kPa - special air plug (1/4 taper screw) is required for 200kPa.
    Please ask for an air plug (46747th grade) after checking the size of the hose socket currently used.
    The air type which a compressor is used, is quick as for the inflator of a tire, and is made simply.
    With T type attachment, use on almost all two-wheel barrows is possible.
    Measurable range: 0~700kPa / 0~100-psi dual display.

    Although other people are also written, it should be attached to the connection to Coupler
    The trouble of going over to the home center is to make the convenience which can be ordered with Net unnecessary

    Since the angle of an exhaust air filler hole did not suit, it purchased.
    It checks each time, before running, since air pressure can also be measured simultaneously, and it is very convenient.
    Merit that's right although it corrected and was OK now usually, when severe adjustment was carried out, way it used the more precise pneumatic pressure indicator.

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