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    Fabric:98% cotton
    Country of Origin:CHINA

    Pants for Motorcycle
    ・Riding Pants


    mountain castle
    RADARM (Radarm)

    Slang, "rad", a shortened form of "Radical", meaning "wonderful" or "psycho"..
    And "arms" meaning arms, weapons, and armor to protect oneself..
    The brand name "RADARM" was created by mixing these two words..
    Fusion of advanced functions and a design that reflects the times.
    RADARM's vision is a natural, supple, strong, and comfortable riding gear..
    In this age of diversified lifestyles, where there is neither the ordinary nor the extraordinary, and where various things are mixed together, we are proud to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to enjoy a variety of different styles and styles.
    The brand proposes a new Motorcycle Lifestyle based on the concept of "MOTO MIX"..

    Equipped with Large Storage Pocket
    Birth of authentic RidingCampingPants!
    RD-902 RidingCampingPants

    Large side pocket is arranged to cover the GRU from the front pocket to the back pocket.
    Based on CampingPants, we have examined the elements necessary for RidingGEAR and Outdoor Gear from every possible direction..
    These are authentic RidingCampingPants seriously developed for riders, combining functionality and designability for touring..
    Experience the difference you can feel from the moment you step onto the Motorcycle!.

    CampingPants' distinctive large side pockets on both SIDES from front to back.
    Riding Pants with high universality that can be used comfortably in camping and outdoors, easily accommodating gloves, camping tools, etc..
    In addition to functions for safe motorcycle riding, we pursue functions that are useful even after reaching the destination, as well as a design that is comfortable and easy to move around in..
    From touring to outdoor, leisure, and daily use, these fashionable pants can be used for multiple purposes on one computer..

    Design to Match Camping and Outdoor
    Three-dimensional structure Jeans, optimized for riding
    Three-dimensional structure optimized for knee bending
    The gusset in the crotch area makes it very smooth to open the legs.
    TaperedStyle to prevent hems from sliding up
    Designed to prevent the hips from sliding up and the back from floating when leaning forward.
    Stretch functionality provides enhanced ease of movement and comfort.
    Protector contributes to safety
    Deep front pocket for riding comfort

    ■Large side pocket with ample storage space and good usability
    Large side pockets on the quantity:Pair (for Left and Right) that can easily hold two 500ml plastic bottles..
    It is an easy-to-use pocket that can also hold CampingTools such as Peg and Hammer, Motorcycle maintenance tools, Winter Gloves, etc..

    ■Front pocket for less hindrance to foot movement when riding
    The deep front pocket is designed to hold a Smartphone, and the storage fits on the side of the thighs to prevent leg movement when riding..
    The front pocket is deep enough to fit up to the wrist..

    ■Motorcycle-specific three-dimensional construction for comfortable fit
    In-depth research on riding posture.
    In addition to the three-dimensional structure that suppresses sticking feeling when riding Motorcycle, the bending part is Dart-processed for easy bending and stretching..
    Reduces the risk of lumbar flexion when bending and leaning, and of hems sliding up when bending and stretching the knees..
    Riding Pants with a focus on comfort..

    ■Special structure adopted for the Waist section eliminates lifting of the back
    When leaning forward with standard pants, there is a gap in the back, and the shirt with pants in may float up..
    The RD-902 has a completely new waist structure to eliminate this unpleasant phenomenon..
    When the pants are viewed from the side, the waistline is usually horizontal, but in the RD-902, the waistline is slanted up toward the back and parts are added at the top to minimize exposure of the back..
    Combined with the high elasticity of the fabric, it provides an excellent fit..
    The functions that work for Riding have a high affinity with the outdoor environment..

    Gusseted crotch for easy leg lifting when riding
    When straddling a motorcycle, it is necessary to raise the legs up to a large size, but CasualPants in general are not designed for this kind of movement, so it is easy to feel a sticking sensation..
    Exclusively designed as RidingJeans, RD-902 has a gusseted crotch and is very smooth for large leg lifts..
    Combined with the excellent stretch fabric and the effect of the three-dimensional structure, you can straddle your motorcycle with dashing ease..

    ■Stretch fabric reduces sticking and Waist part is also stretchable
    The fabric is moderately thick and strong, but has a stretch function, so it is comfortable to wear..
    Waist part is also made of stretchable fabric to reduce pressure around the stomach..
    Smooth leg movement during stop and go, and the fabric stretches well so you won't feel tightness even when you keep bending your legs in a forward leaning posture..

    ■CELevel 1 Protector on both knees
    RidingCampingPants can be worn casually, but safety considerations are of course essential..
    RD-902 with CE Level 1 Protector on both knees.
    The Protector is designed so that it is firmly positioned to guard the kneecap when the knee is bent, so there is no discomfort when wearing it and it does not interfere with leg movement..
    When you are camping or outdoors, where you have to kneel down a lot, Protector will help you avoid knee pain..

    ■ProtectorPocket in breathable Mesh fabric
    Knee Protector can be inserted and removed from the ProtectorPocket on the thigh.
    Easily removable for washing. ProtectorPocket's pouch is made of highly breathable mesh fabric..
    A thread is sewn on the bottom of the pocket for position adjustment, and this thread can be cut in steps to lower the position of the Protector..
    *ProtectorPocket is also equipped in the lumbar region. Waist Protector must be provided separately.

    ■Fusion of Townwear Design and CampingWear Functionality in Riding Pants
    While providing the basic functions of Riding Pants, such as safety and maneuverability, we have created a natural design that will not make you feel uncomfortable even when you get off your motorcycle..
    In addition, it is equipped with convenient outdoor features such as a large side pocket, and MotorcycleCamping can be comfortably handled with 1 pc of Pants..

    ■Water-repellent fabric can cope with sudden rain
    Rain is a weather condition that motorcycle riders want to avoid as much as possible..
    RD-902 fabric has a water-repellent finish.. Even with the water-repellent finish, the stretch and softness of the material are maintained..
    A little bit of rain will not soak through the pants and keep them comfortable..

    Textured finish by product dyeing process
    Adopted "product dyeing process" to dye products after sewing, instead of dyed fabrics..
    The soft touch and high texture are the characteristics of this fabric, and since the pants are dyed one pc at a time, you can enjoy the subtly different color texture of each product..
    It goes well with OutdoorWear and expands the range of coordination..

    Features of Others
    Quantity:Pair (for Left and Right)ProtectorPocket at the waist(Protector at the waist is not included)
    Exclusive design prevents the back from sticking out even when riding with a forward leaning posture.


    *Please make sure to check the size chart before selecting your desired size.
    *When hemming, please go to a local repair store.
    *Please note that there is a possibility that the product may shrink by 2-3% from the time of delivery depending on the environment in which the product is washed at home.
    *Never use a dryer.
    *Please be sure to remove the protector when washing.
    *In order to protect the mesh material of the protector bag and the zippers on the knees, please turn the garment inside out and put it in a net when washing.
    *When washing, please wash the garment separately to prevent color migration to other garments.
    *The water repellent finish will fade over time.
    *Please note that the product specification may change due to manufacturer reasons.
    *Other colors and products may be included in the image.



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