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    CNS-3 Shield which is compatible with NEOTECII of Shoei Helmet is available in EXTRA Shield!
    Please feel the clear vision with less distortion in spite of mirror shield.

    [commitment to mirror coating]
    Undercoated mirror shields.
    This undercoating causes reflection to the shield and distortion of the view.
    A special mirror film has been achieved by skilled craftsmen without the need for a base coat.
    Since only pure mirror film is deposited, it succeeds in reducing distortion of vision and eye strain.
    Combined with the mirror coating to block UV rays, it is effective for long time use.
    In addition, the gradation changes slowly and the color changes outside the field of vision to achieve a natural vision.
    It is a mirror shield with vivid color and calm texture.

    EXTRA SHIELD -For distortion-free vision
    EXTRA SHIELD is a mirror shield made in Japan that focuses on "visibility" and is thoroughly focused on visibility.
    Special processing that blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays keeps your vision clear by suppressing distortions and internal reflections that are common in mirror shields.
    In addition, its relatively subdued color makes the color change seen from the inside slow and effective in reducing eyestrain.
    Please try EXTRA SHIELD, "the shield that is kind to eyes".

    [other product features]
    Not only glare, but also 99% of ultraviolet rays are blocked, making it easy on the eyes.
    The base is made of a reliable stock manufacturer's shield.
    Special mirror coating minimizes distortion of vision and reduces eye strain.
    Water repellent coating.
    The smooth, mirror-coated surface repels moisture.
    Mirror coating is made in Japan.
    The products are produced daily by the reliable technology cultivated in eyeglasses.


    It is useful especially in cloudy weather.
    Because it cuts off blue light, which is considered to be the cause of dullness, the contrast is increased and the perspective is emphasized and you can see clearly.
    It is also suitable for sports riding as it is easy to see moving objects.

    The light is uniformly suppressed so that you can see the natural color tone.
    The anti-glare effect is relatively high, and it is hard to get tired even if you use it for a long time.

    It suppresses orange light and gives bluish vision.
    It has a high anti-glare effect and is suitable for sunny days, and also has a high anti-glare effect against headlights.
    The blue vision also has a calming effect.


    *Please refer to the image for the appearance of each color.
    *The color of image may differ from the actual product depending on the viewing environment.
    *The image may contain other colors and products.
    *There may be changes in product specifications due to the manufacturer's reasons.

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