Super Head 4V+R 138cc Kit

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    SCUT138cc 2 point support crankshaft
    Bore Diameter: 57mm
    Stroke volume: 54mm
    Compression ratio: 12.6: 1
    Included Camshaft: 20 / 25D
    No crankcase modification required
    Intake: 21.5mm x 2 / exhaust: 18.5mm x 2
    Valve Stem Shaft Diameter: Intake and exhaust both 4.0mm

    Old part number:01-06-8120


    ■Features of Super Head 4V+R (1 Cam 4 Valve)
    Compared to the SP Takegawa Super Head +R's large diameter 2 valves, the SP Takegawa Super Head +R has 2 intake valves and 2 exhaust valves, which increases the valve curtain area and improves the intake and exhaust efficiency more than the large diameter 2 valves.In addition, the head shape was designed to balance the center plug, valve pinching angle, combustion chamber shape, and port shape in order to achieve high power output and sustained output characteristics in the high RPM range, which is the biggest feature of the Super Head.
    By adopting 1 cam and 4 valves, it was possible to make it as light and compact as possible, and at the same time, it condensed the performance as the strongest SOHC head.
    New shape super head 4 valve + R body
    The round shape of the cylinder head suits the Monkey style and enhances the custom image of the vehicle.
    Each head cover is made of die-cast and barrel polished to give a beautiful appearance to the cylinder head.
    Valve Features
    Valve Spring
    The use of unequal pitch prevents surging at high RPM.
    IN / EX Port Features
    The port diameter is optimized for SP Takegawa's 3D shaped manifold.In addition, by installing it together with the 3-dimensionally shaped manifold, it enables a smooth intake effect from the carburetor to the combustion chamber without resistance, and the performance of the cylinder head can be maximized.
    Adoption of roller rocker arm
    By adopting the roller rocker arm, the output performance of the Super Head +R is maximized and the output in the mid to high speed range is increased and the output in the high rpm range is maintained, which is the characteristic of the roller rocker arm.The roller rocker arms reduce the frictional resistance to the camshaft that occurs with slipper type rocker arms (stock part type)
    The roller bearings in the rocker arm allow the cam to follow the cam profile smoothly from low to high rpm.
    M8 Spark Plug
    The M8 spark plug was adopted in conjunction with the optimum valve pinching angle and the compactness of the head due to the 4-valve system.
    ■Hollow camshaft (auto decompression mechanism)
    The camshaft is supported by ball bearings at both ends to reduce frictional resistance in the camshaft journal.Optional camshafts are available in addition to the included camshafts, allowing you to change the camshafts to suit your application and enjoy the performance of your vehicle.
    auto decompression mechanism
    It reduces the kick-start force and the load on the transmission when starting the engine, and allows smooth engine starting even with large displacement engines.
    ■Ceramic plated cylinder / piston
    The 138cc SCUT structure has been patented.
    Adopts all-aluminum ceramic plated cylinder with excellent durability, airtightness and heat dissipation.The cylinder is equipped with a temperature sensor as standard.You can measure the cylinder temperature by purchasing SP Takegawa's thermometer built-in meter or thermometer.
    SCUT for 138cc: C1 adapter + M5 temperature sensor
    The scut cylinder is equipped with an oil jet mechanism (patent pending)
    The oil jet cylinder is a cylinder that can inject oil into the cylinder and piston only by replacing the cylinder, without replacing the crankcase, disassembling the crankcase, processing the oil jet hole, or adding parts for oil jetting.
    By installing oil injection holes directly on the inner surface of the cylinder, oil can be injected into the piston skirt and the inner wall of the piston without interruption while the engine is running, and efficient lubrication and cooling can be achieved.
    The 138cc model uses a cast piston.The piston skirt is coated with molybdenum for better initial adhesion.
    ■Two-point support crankshaft
    Special bearing with larger inner diameter of journal bearing for long stroke crankshaft (54mm stroke) is adopted for high power engine.
    As a result, the shaft diameter of the journal section, where the stress of the crankshaft is concentrated, can be increased from 20mm to 22mm, thus improving strength.
    In addition, the crankshaft has been given a special surface treatment to further increase durability.


    ・Webike Thailand is an official distributor of SP Takegawa in Thailand.
    ・Products purchased from Webike Thailand are covered by the product warranty specified by SP Takegawa.


    *When the 124cc / 125cc / 138cc engine is installed, the length of the engine becomes longer and the engine interferes with the tire with the stock front fork, stock top bridge and stem, so the front end needs to be changed.

    *For Monkey and Gorilla
    It is recommended to install SP Takegawa's front fork kit at the same time.

    *For CRF50F / XR50R and CRF70F / XR70R
    SP Takegawa does not sell front fork kits.There are some aftermarket frame and front fork kits on the market, but SP Takegawa has not confirmed the installation of these kits.You are responsible for your own vehicle installation.
    *SP Takegawa's digcrosser exhaust cannot be installed at the same time.
    *There may be changes in product specifications due to manufacturer's reasons.

    *Depending on the lot, the product may be delivered with the old price and label with the old JAN code before the price change.



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