【SP Takegawa】Cast High Compression Piston Kit

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    • 01-02-0243

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Applicable Models:

CBR250R (MC41-1000001 to 1399999)

CBR250R (MC41-1400001 to 1499999)2-light headlight model

CRF250 RALLY (MD44-1000001 or later)

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[Bore diameter] 76mm(Standard Bore)
[Stroke amount] 55mm(stock stroke)
[Compression ratio] 12.2: 1

- Forging Piston 58.5mm High Compression Piston
- Piston ring
- Piston Pin
- Piston Circlip
- Cylinder head gasket
- Cylinder gasket
- Tensioner Lifter Gasket


- For stock head only.
- FI Controller 2 (Injection Controller) must be installed at the same time. The combination with other company's products may cause failure.
- The stock cylinder can be reused, but if the piston clearance is outside the specified value, honing of the cylinder is required.
- Please note that the product specification may change due to manufacturer reasons.
- There are 4 types of FI-CON 2. Please note.
For CBR250R(MC41-1000001 to 1399999)
For CBR250R(MC41-1400001 to 1499999) 2 lamp headlight model - FI-CON 2 is not available for CBR250R(MC41-1500001 or later).
For CRF250L(MD38)
For CRF250L・CRF250 RALLY(MD44)


By changing the compression ratio from stock piston 10.7:1 to Forced High Compression Piston 12.2:1, the power output will be increased with STD Engine Displacement.
Piston top is the dimensions of each part etc. The combustion efficiency has been improved by reviewing the.
The PistonBody is made of special aluminum alloy, cold forged and processed with high precision to achieve high strength while being lightweight.
Approx. 20g less than stock piston (casting). (Comparison of Piston Single Item)
The piston ring is 0.8/0.8/1.5 thin like stock to reduce the friction loss.

Applicable Models


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