【T2 Racing】Wire lockBracket

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For 6mm Bolts


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Introducing the TitaniumWire lockBracket by T2Racing!.
64Material:Titanium Bracket..
For 6mm Bolts.

Anodized [Blue].
PVDCoating treated [Black].
You can choose from two colors.

What is PVDCoating...
It stands for "Physical Vapor Deposition" and is a surface treatment method called physical vapor deposition..
Physical vapor deposition refers to the principle that water droplets adhere to the inside of a container when water is boiled..
By applying this principle, gold is dissolved and evaporated by plasma in a vacuum furnace to form Plus ions, which are then reacted with the introduced gas to form Minus ions, which are then impinged on the surface of the product to be coated..
A film with an oblique structure with excellent durability is formed, and it can have many excellent features such as high hardness and high adhesion..
PVDCoating strengthens and protects the durability of the gold surface..
It can improve various performance of Gold such as abrasion resistance, adhesion resistance, and mold release property..
Another feature of PVDCoating is that the surface film does not peel off easily..
Used in various applications such as cutting tools, various machine parts, precision gold mold parts, etc..

What is 64Titanium....
Titanium can be mainly divided into two types:pure titanium and titanium composite gold.
Typical Titanium Alloy Gold is JIS 60 (Ti 6AL-AV), which is a high strength alloy used in aircraft and other applications..
This high strength JIS 60 type is commonly called "64Titanium" (Rokuyon Titanium)..
Titanium has excellent corrosion resistance and low specific gravity..
In particular, the titanium alloy gold has the highest specific strength of the Large Class among the commercial gold types..
While most gold alloys soften and decrease in strength at high temperatures, titanium alloy gold is able to maintain its strength up to 600 degrees Celsius..
Among the Titanium alloy Gold, 64Titanium has a higher tensile strength than pure Titanium, and is less likely to break..

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