【ATop】Clutch for RepairShoe Torque Camshaft Quantity:Set

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Price: ฿2,808
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This is the Clutch Shoe Torque Camshaft Set for the LEAD 90!.
Clutch Shoe of the same shape as ManufacturerOEM Parts.
It is a product with excellent cost performance that can be used for repairing and finishing used cars with low cost and high quality finish..
The Large variant is used by many motorcycle shops and repairers all over Japan..
The Clutch Shoe, Center spring and Torque Camshaft are all sold as a Quantity:Set, so they are ready to use as soon as you receive them!.

Applicable Models

    • JOKER90 HF09
    • CABINA 90
    • BROAD 90
    • LEAD 90 HF05


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