【KOOD】Rear axle shaft

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Applicable Models:

GROM125 21- (2BJ-JC92)

GROM125 13-20 (JC61/JC75)

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Chromoly steel (3-layer Plating)
[Spec. ]Nut set



* The image is only for reference. The image shown may differ from the actual product.


*There may be changes in product specifications due to manufacturer reasons.Please note.
[About the installation]
*Axle shafts are critical parts.
Installation must be carried out by qualified personnel at a professional shop.
Please use the appropriate tool for the head shape of the shaft.
If the shaft is tightened with an inappropriate tool, the plating film on the shaft surface will be scratched and rust will be caused.
Before installation, apply grease or other oil to the shaft surface.
The surface of the shaft is treated with KOOD's original "3-layer plating film", so rust will not occur on the shaft itself under normal use.The purpose is to prevent rust transfer from wheel bearings, etc., which is caused by the potential difference of metals.
Please observe the tightening torque specified by the manufacturer.
If the vehicle is installed using the genuine nut, please check the nut.
If the nut is damaged by tipping over, etc., or if the self-locking part is worn out, be sure to use a new nut.This is to prevent damage to the shaft threads.

[About Product Quality]
However, if there is any problem, please contact us before the work.
*In no event will we accept any claims or returns after the installation (such as threading the shaft into the wheel).

About rust
KOOD shafts are treated with a "3-layer plating film".
It is processed with a stronger film than normal plating film.Rust may occur depending on the usage conditions, but there is no problem with the quality.

<The main cause of rusting
Rust transfer... External rust on the plated surface
Damage to the plating film... Improper use of tools, stepping stones while driving, falls, etc.

*Please note that rust is not covered by the quality guarantee.
Please be forewarned.

Recently, we have received a case of "biting the thread at installation" when KOOD shafts are purchased with plated nuts.
Due to the nature of plating, this is often seen when the plated parts (e.g. KOOD shaft and KOOD nut) mesh with each other or when the threaded part is greaseless.
Please use an anti-corrosive grease such as sledge compound on the screw part when you install it.


By popular demand, PlatingNut is now available in Shaft and Quantity:Set.
The Nut is finished with multi-layered plating as well as the Shaft..
KOOD is the brand name for the high quality and high performance custom parts through an uncompromising process from material selection to manufacturing in Japan..

By increasing the strength of Shaft and the rigidity of the Body Quantity:Pair (for Left and Right)

Applicable Models

    • GROM125 21- (2BJ-JC92)
    • GROM125 13-20 (JC61/JC75)


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