【KOOD】Rear axle shaft

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Price: ฿15,495
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Applicable Models:

V STROM 250 17-21

GSX250R 17-21

GSR250 14-17

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Chromoly steel (3-layer Plating)


* The image is only for reference. The image shown may differ from the actual product.


*Please note that the product specification may change due to manufacturer reasons.
*The axle shaft is an important part.
Please be sure that qualified personnel do installation work at the pro shop.
Please do it by using the proper tool suitable for the head shape of the shaft.
It is scratched on the plating film which is applied to the shaft surface, causing rust if you tighten using an improper tool.
Please spray grease on the shaft surface before installing.
It usually does not cause rust from the shaft itself because it is applying the "three layer plating coating process" of KOOD original on the shaft surface. It is caused by the metal potential difference, to prevent rusting from wheel bearing etc.
Please observe manufacturer's specified values for tightening torque.
Please confirm nut for vehicles to be mounted using OEM nut.
Please be sure to use a new nut when it is seen in the nut, such as scratches caused by falling and self-locking function part. This is to prevent damage to the threaded portion of the shaft.

[About product quality]
Regarding product management, it manufacture and manages in a perfect system but please contact us before work if you have trouble by any chance.
*In any case, we cannot respond to claims and returned products after work (such as passing the shaft through the wheel) at all.

About rust
"KOOD made shaft" has been subjected to "three-layer plating coating process".
It has strong coating processing compared with ordinary plating coating. It may rust depending on the usage situation but it does not matter to the quality.

It is "rusting" ... rust from the outside rides on the plating surface
Transition rust. External rust on the plated surface
Damage to the coating... Incorrect use of tools, stepping stones or falls while driving, etc.

*Please note that rust is not covered by the warranty. Please note that this is not covered by the warranty.

* The color of the actual product may look different depending on how your computer shows.
Recently, we have received a case of "biting the thread at installation" when KOOD shafts are purchased with plated nuts.
Due to the nature of plating, this is often seen when the plated parts (e.g. KOOD shaft and KOOD nut) mesh with each other or when the threaded part is greaseless.
Please use an anti-corrosive grease such as sledge compound on the screw part when you install it.


KOOD" is the brand name for the high quality and high performance custom parts through an uncompromising process from material selection to manufacturing in Japan..

Since the release of the KOODChromoly Axle Shaft, a long-awaited new product is now available!
By increasing the strength of Shaft and the rigidity of the Body Quantity:Pair (for Left and Right), the Front fork and Swing Arm movements are felt more direct and the information from the road is conveyed to Sharp, which results in a better ride quality. Improve to Large Width!
Mini bike-just replace it with NORMALShaft and you can feel it instantly!.
Its performance has truly earned it the nickname "The Magic Stick"!
The high quality of the Made in Japan that pursues the work process and even the material that is particular, and the high durability of the original three-layered plating process are excellent products that can be recommended to various customers..

Immediate experience! This is for your car too!
·Exchangeable sealing gasket
We purchase steel from FOR JAPAN MODELManufacturer with a mill seat (steel inspection certificate) that guarantees the quality of the steel used in manufacturing..
Heat treatment is applied before processing.

NC lathes, machining and centerless grinding
We use a variety of processes to form.

Plating process over 3 layers
Three layers of plating, the largest of KOOD products, are applied..
Plating with this many layers is not a common practice, but we have adopted 3-layered plating to increase the quality of corrosion protection and durability..

Applicable Models


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