【POWERAGE】PP-20230 Smart Cargo Pants

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[Color] Sand Beige
[Material] Nylon
[Protector] Equipped with Knees as standard (Removable/Adjustable Position) It is possible to upgrade to PORON®Protector by purchasing separately. (PA-528)

•Three-dimensional Structure for Motorcycles
•Waterproof Specification
•Waterproof Material
•Moisture Permeability Material
•Super Water Repellency


*It contains other color in the photo.
*Please note that the specification of the product may be changed without prior notice due to the change of the manufacturer.
*The units in the size chart are cm.
*The size chart is the actual size of the product. It may vary slightly due to the sewing process.


Windproof, waterproof, moisture permeable, and super water-repellent material.
The lightweight material makes it easy to move around..
This is a great way to keep warmth in a room..
Waterproof Specification with Seam tape processing and Front flap.
Powerage's unique three-dimensional structure for motorcycles makes it easy to lift the legs and move around, even when the weather is cold..
Designed to be worn as either a straight-on or over pants.
Dual-layered structure at the bottom
Right Foot Heat Guard (heat resistant reinforcement)
Waist Adjustable Belt Dual-layered structure for secure buttocks
Seamed seams:Waterproof Specification
High water and wind protection Front flap
The warmth padding and thigh boa for high insulation.. You can wear it straight up or over pants.. Removable Smooth Lining Material.

Stay Active in winter!
Warm and easy to move.
This is the standard winter pants that you can enjoy wearing in a casual manner and boasts of high thermal protection..
WaterproofLightweight material with moisture permeability, insulating material, the boa placed on the sides of the thighs where you are likely to feel the cold, ensuring sufficient warmth and warmth, even in the middle of winter..
Seams are waterproofed for rainy days. This is a warm but easy to move in a variety of scenes with a special motorcycling construction that makes it easy to bend your knees..


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