【YOSHIMURA】Machine Bent GP-MAGNUM Cyclone TYPE-UP EXPORT SPEC Government Certified

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•Japanese Government Certified Exhaust System/JMCA Certified
•It is an emission-compliant product. Noise regulation compliant
•with 2-year Warranty

Vehicle Model Type: SBJ-JA55
Engine Model Type: JA55E
Certificate of Vehicle Emissions Test Results: Available

Main Material: Stainless Steel

Proximity Stationary Noise Volume: 83dB/3500rpm
Acceleration Noise Volume: 76dB


- Other types are included in the image.
- There may be changes in the product specifications due to manufacturer's reasons. Please acknowledge it.
- Carbon heat guard is not included in this product.
- This Cyclone is manufactured in Yoshimura Asia (Thailand).

[Important] Online Warranty Registration
We have started a new online warranty registration from November 2016. Instead of the traditional paper warranty form, we have introduced an online warranty registration method via the internet. This is a great way to save time and money on your purchase.
For more details, please refer to the Yoshimura website (Online Warranty Registrationhttps: //
Please refer to the Yoshimura website for details.


GP-MAGNUMCYCLONE is the Sports Exhaust that adds the fun of running with YOSHIMURATuning to the CT125 with full of outdoor taste..

The Exhaust pipe has a layout that accentuates the design of the vehicle, plus the Heat Guard with a playful taste..
The traditional cylindrical silencer with BlackGoldEmblem is of universal design and blends in well with the styling of the CT125.

In terms of performance, we have improved the PowerFeel to be large enough to comply with public road regulations, and AXISSerration, which allows the car to run smoothly from low to high speeds.
And the sound produced by GP-MAGNUM enhances the joy of driving..

Center Stand and Pillion Footpegs are available, without sacrificing the inherent convenience of the CT125. (OptionHeat Guard is recommended for double occupancy.)

Includes Heat Guard with Yoshimura logo marking
The logo of YOSHIMURA is placed on the sound prevention rubber of Exhaust Spring..
Recommended Parts]Carbon heat guardSET Type -1

Applicable Models

    • CT125 20-21 2BJ-JA55 JA55E


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