【KITACO】[K TOUR] USB Power Supply Kit (2-Ports)

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    • Product number:
    • 80-757-14700

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Applicable Models:

CT125CT110 HUNTER CUB All JA55 models

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[USB port] 1.000mA x 2
[DC5V Maximum Output] 2.000mA (when only 1 port is used)
•Coupler on
•Drip-proof specifications
•Built-in LED (blue)
•Model-specific power outlet harness (Power Outlet: Inside Headlight case)
•Mark Tube (KITACO original)
/>•USB Bracket for Pipe Handlebar (use when pipe handlebar is attached)
[Interface] USB/1.1 x 2 ports
[Input/Output Voltage] DC12V/DC5V: 2A max (when using 1 port)< br />[ACC+] Accessory Power Supply
[GND-] Ground


*Please do not use this product for vehicles other than 12V vehicles.
*It is not completely waterproof. Please do not use it when you wash your motorcycle or when it rains. When you do not use it, please put on the attached rubber cap.
*Dew condensation may occur inside the body (rubber cap) due to temperature changes, etc. Please avoid places where the temperature is likely to fluctuate greatly (around the engine) and check frequently to remove any water droplets. (Please remove any water droplets with an air duster or vacuum cleaner.) This can cause trouble.
*Please do not use it to connect products with high power consumption or high current consumption (amplifiers, compressors, etc.).
*Please note that the product specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to manufaturers's reason.


Just insert the connector to take out the USB power supply!
2 port type USB power supply with dedicated Harness that is ideal for mobile power supply.
Mobile phone for daily necessities. I need a power source to charge the batteries!
Because it is Exclusive Design, it only connects to the USB Power Kit that was inserted into the designated Coupler..

Attachment power supply (ACC+) is used.. When the key is turned on, the internal LED (blue) is turned on..

Comes with a bracket to attach the USB power supply to any location other than the designated one.
(Can be installed on a 22.2 or 25.4 diameter pipe handlebar)

・Power Supply Harnesstype4
Just insert the headlight case into the specified coupler and connect the Bullet Type Terminal.

Applicable Models

    • CT125CT110 HUNTER CUB All JA55 models


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