【RIDEA】Slide Extension Type Adjust Clutch Lever

Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.
Price: ฿5,159
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Applicable Models:

NC750X 14-21

CB400F 13

CB400FOUR All years NC36

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Lever Length: (Approximately) 150mm- (Approximately) 180mm
Material: High Strength Aluminum Alloy (6061)


* The image is only for reference. The image shown may differ from the actual product.


*The photo of the product contains other colors.
*Please refer to the image of "FUNCTION". There will be some errors in the length depending on the angle when installed.
*It may use the included parts to the OEM lever depending on the mounting vehicle model.
*Please make sure to check for any abnormalities after replacing the lever.
*The color of the image and the real color may look slightly different due to the environment of the monitor.
*There are cases that this product is subject to change the prices and specifications without prior notice.
*We pay close attention to inventory management but please order after receiving the inquiry of stock if you are in a hurry because as the update may be out of stock in time.


You can install it in the factory clutch lever holder..
•It gives a luxurious feeling due to the anodized treatment on the lever body which is precision processed high strength aluminum alloy 6061, and achieves a high precision.
Bearings are used in the contact part of the knob to make the operation of the knob smoother and prevent deterioration due to wear of the contact part..
•It applies slip prevention grooving on the front part of the lever to increase the safety of operation.
With the 6-step adjuster, you can adjust it up to approx. 28mm at maximum and set it to your favorite lever position..
•It is possible to adjust approximately 30mm with a single wrench to match your preference since the lever end part is an extension type.
•It is possible to adjust maximum of approximately 30mm 9-stages since the lever end part is an extension type. *It does not require tools

Applicable Models


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