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Adoption of special alloy steel
Key cylinder:Disc type cylinder adopted
[Material/material] Protective cover:Synthetic leather (riveted)
Cylinder block size:70X50X25mm
Shaft size:Φ20
Effective width of tip shaft :Approx. 180mm
Arm size:16mm square
[Accessories]Key X3 (including spare key)


*The image contains other types.
*Gross weight includes synthetic leather protective cover.
*Overall length is the length from the cylinder block to the shaft end.
*Three keys are included, but we do not accept duplication of keys.Please be careful not to lose or damage it.


The little brother of the TDZ series!!!!
Portable short type (HDX-1609) and 2.5m long type (HDX-1625) are available for touring and parking on the road.
Compared with the TDZ series robot arm locks, which are known for their strength and multi-jointness, the TDZ series robot arm locks are made of a different arm material and are equipped with simpler features to make them more affordable.
As with the TDZ series, special rivets are used on the joints for very smooth movement and ease of attachment and removal.

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