【EK Chain】QX-ring Seal Chain 420SRX (GP/GP)

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Price: ฿1,808
Webike Points: 18

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Color: Gold
Seal Chain
QX ring
Size: 420
Corresponding Engine Displacement Volume: -150cc
Drilled Plate Specification
Joint Type: SKJ (Clip Type)
Included Parts: Joint x1pc.


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*The factory chain is not an OEM number of links. Please make adjustments personally.


Lighter weight 420 SizeSeal chain with hole processing on the inner plate.
EK's unique QXRing reduces friction by 50% compared to the O-ringChain, while also increasing durability by 50%..

Solid bushes for long life
Durable Solid roller
Four-way Pin
Specially formulated GoldPlate
Adopting inner plate hole for weight saving
The special PTFEGrease has excellent adhesion and contributes to the improvement of wear resistance.

For safe use
[Manufacturer Quality Assurance]
Warranty Coverage
In the event of any defect in EKChain products and EKChain confirms such defect, EKChain will promptly deliver EKChain products free of charge..
However, the following costs are not covered by the warranty.
(1) Expenses required to remove and install EKChain products from the customer's vehicle for replacement or repair, and expenses incidental thereto (Sprocket, Hub damper, etc.)
(2) The cost of transporting the customer's vehicle to the repair shop.
(3) The customer's loss of profit and the others' loss of large damages due to defects or repairs.

◎Free warranty period
One year after shipment from the factory, the warranty period is free of charge for EKChain..
(There is a shipping date stamp in the product package.)
However, if the product is not used in accordance with the following important items and precautions, the warranty will not apply..
*If you wish to obtain a warranty, please contact the place of purchase.. We can't accept them directly..
In the case of additional processing to Chain.
Maintenance qualification or the same etc.. If you install it by yourself without the knowledge and experience of.
(Please ask a motorcycle specialist to install the chain.. )
If the chain is not installed in the correct way without using the special tools. (When cutting Chain, Thunder, Target, etc.. should not be used)
When the chain size is changed (Conversion) or used outside the range of Adaptive Engine Displacement Volume..
Even if you convert within the available Engine Displacement Volume of the Chain, the conversion from OEMSize to SizeDown is
Lower life expectancy than traditional Size.
(For the compatibility of the chain, please refer to the EKChain model compatibility chart.. )
If the joint is not of the same size and grade as the chain.
When acid, strong Alkali, or patchouli liquid adheres to the Chain.
(Stop using the product immediately and replace it with a new one.. )
If the amount of slack (deflection) in the Chain is not used properly.
(Please adjust according to the values listed in the service manual of the vehicle.. )
If ChainMaintenance is not performed on a regular basis.
Be sure to use EKChain cleaner or EKChain lube for cleaning and refueling every 500km or after driving in the rain or on rough roads.. Never use volatile solvents such as kerosene, gasoline, etc. for Parts cleaner especially Seal chain.. (Chain&Parts cleaneretc. products will also damage the Seal)
Snow melting agent, etc.. When the chain is adhered to by the chloride substance of.
If you take the product out of the country and use it only in Japan..
It requires processing because the switch and light are different with the OEM harness.
Rust, Wound, Sprocket misalignment, etc. caused by the above. If there is a twist in the. (Please replace the Chain with a new one immediately)
If there is any noise or interference with the vehicle body while driving. (Please replace it with a new Chain after solving the cause)
Front sprocket, Rear sprocket, Hub damper etc. when replacing Chain.. If the related parts of the product are used without being replaced with new parts at the same time.
When the Sprocket is changed from the OEM tooth number to the one with extremely increased or decreased number of teeth..
(This may shorten the lifespan of the Chain)

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