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    Color: Black
    Size: W30 x L (D) 28 x H48cm
    Gross product weight (including accessories): 900g
    Capacity: 20L
    Maximum loading weight: 10Kg
    Material: tarpaulin


    I'll get wet, but I won't get my stuff wet.Waterproof bag that converts into a backpack or a seat bag.

    Waterproof backpack with roll-top closure made of airtight tarpaulin.
    When touring on a motorcycle, it can be used as a seat bag by removing the shoulder belt which is not necessary when fixing the seat.
    When you are outdoors, you can easily choose your favorite bag style by attaching the shoulder belt.The bag is equipped with a number of D-cans to secure the bag when used as a seat bag.

    [Versatile waterproof bag for a variety of occasions]
    The backpack is made of tarpaulin material that is molded by thermocompression fixation, is highly waterproof, and protects the contents from flooding due to rain.
    Ideal for storing clothes, bedding, groceries, electronics and other items that you don't want to get wet.

    ■As a waterproof backpack
    Waterproof backpack for outdoor activities in changeable weather conditions.
    The hip belt allows you to carry heavy loads with ease.

    ■As a seat bag
    The shoulder belt can be detached to make it bulky when loading the bike.
    D-cans are provided throughout the bag for easy loading and securing.

    ■As a dry bag
    It can also be used as a dry bag to protect your wallet, mobile phone, towel and other clothes from getting wet when kayaking, canoeing, fishing or swimming.

    [features of each part]
    ■Roll Top Shape
    The roll-top shape blocks water from entering the bag and prevents the contents from getting wet.
    It is designed to make it easy to take things in and out.

    ■Air Valve
    Equipped with an air valve to expel wasted air from the bag.
    A valve without a check valve enables speedy compression.

    ■Removable shoulder belt
    The shoulder belt can be easily removed with a buckle operation, which is not necessary when loading the bike.

    ■Mesh back
    The back of the bag is made of breathable mesh.
    Improved fit between the body and the bag, preventing discomfort caused by sweat and dampness

    ■Hip belt
    Equipped with a hip belt that prevents the bag from swaying when carrying large, heavy loads and improves the fit to the body.

    ■D-can for fixing
    A total of six D-cans are provided to secure the bag when it is loaded on the bike seat.

    ■Splashproof zippered accessory case
    The front of the bag is equipped with a splashproof zippered compartment.It is convenient for storing small items that are frequently taken in and out.


    *The colors of the products may vary slightly depending on your monitor and settings.
    *Size and weight figures may vary slightly.
    *Compatibility and suitability between this product and other DOPPELGANGER products may or may not exist.Be sure to check the size and specifications of each product before purchasing.
    *Please do not overload or overload.The bag may be deformed or damaged, or it may cause an accident such as falling.
    *During the pre-run inspection, check for any looseness in the mounting points.The parts may come off while driving, which may lead to an accident.
    *Do not use at speeds above the legal limit.
    *This product is waterproof, but it is not completely waterproof.There is a possibility of flooding due to prolonged use in the rain or due to the amount of rain.
    *Color migration may occur if the product is in contact with other materials for a long time in a high temperature and high humidity environment.
    *There may be changes in product specifications due to the manufacturer's reasons.
    *The image may contain other colorings, other types.
    *There may be changes in product specifications due to the manufacturer's reasons.



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