【KIJIMA】Fog Lamp Kit LED

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    • 205-6150A

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Applicable Models:

V-STROM250 17-21 [Model]2BK-DS11A

V-STROM250 17-21 ABS [Model]2BK-DS11A

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[Color] Black

[Material] Steel

[Product Contents]
LED Fog Lamp Body x2pcs.
Fog Lamp switch with indicator x1pc.
Mounting Bracket x2pcs.
Wiring Kit
Instruction Manual

Power Consumption: 21W
Waterproof: IP68
Color Temperature: 5700-6200K


*The power consumption of this product is as high as 21W to emit LED color temperature from daylight white to daylight (5700-6200K) when lit. It is a real rally raid specification. Please use it to keep the voltage control of the battery more frequent than usual.
*It may cause malfunctions such as electrical equipment operation stop due to insufficient power supply when using this product and in case of using a group of electrical components with high power consumption such as grip heater. It surely switches off the fog light kit when using only other electrical component. It is necessary to change the location where the power is taken or to change to a larger capacity battery wen using the fog lamp kit and other electrical components together.
*This product does not direct the optical axis to the steering destination when the steering wheel is turned left and right because it is fixed to the front side cowl. It should be used with caution when traveling on poorly paved roads, such as street lights, or in nighttime condition since the light is always projected on the front of the vehicle with the headlight light as the main axis.
*Mounting Location: This product is genuine body light, front side cowl peripheral bolts are removed and installed, wiring processing. Please consult your local pro shop or vehicle dealer if you are unsure.
*This product can be used together with the KIJIMA LED turn signal kit (Parts Number: 219-5173) that is sold separately, which consumes less energy than the OEM bulb type.


[Every time I ride, I get a new sense of adventure as I run. "
KIJIMA has released the LED Fog Lamp Kit that can be installed on the SEA BASSNew ModelDL1000 V-STROM250/STROM250ABS!
The LED color temperature setting from daylight to daylight (5700-6200K) gives you peace of mind and a wider field of vision when driving at night!
Also, when driving on highways, etc.. It is useful for safe driving in case of sudden weather changes such as thick fog or heavy rain because you can appeal your presence to surrounding vehicles by illuminating with OEM Halogen bulb on the.
It is DL1000 V-STROM250/DL1000 V-STROM250ABSExclusive Design that fits the OEMCowl body without any discomfort!
Because the wiring and the switch necessary for installation are included in Quantity:Set beforehand, you don't have to worry about the installation place and the installation method which is often the case with Universal's LED Fog Lamp!
You can install a Switch that displays On/Off clearly with Green LED lighting on the lower right side of the OEM multifunction instrument panel (opposite side of 12V36WSticker), so you can concentrate the necessary information around the OEM multifunction instrument panel, and it is easy to operate at night or in the dark when the car is stopped. It is easy to operate even at night or in dark places when the car is stopped!
The Adventure Style of the DL1000 V-STROM250/DL1000 V-STROM250ABS, which inherits the DNA of the famous DR800 that made a name for itself in the DESSERTRALLY scene around the world as the "monster bird of PHARAOH", is further enhanced!

-List of parts that can be installed on DL1000 V-STROM250/DL1000 V-STROM250ABS
KIJIMA part number 105-532 Oil Filter Cartridge
KIJIMA part number 105-832 Oil Filter Cartridge Magnet In S
KIJIMA part number # 202-067SL Lever Clutch Silver Yamaha/SEA BASS
KIJIMA part number # 202-329SR Lever Brake Adjuster Kawasaki13236- Silver
KIJIMA part number # 203-8041 Mirror TEC03 Black R M10
KIJIMA part number # 203-8042 Mirror TEC03 Black L M10
KIJIMA part number 205-5121 Headlight guard Stone guard V-STROM250
KIJIMA part number 210-248 Rear Carrier BOX Base V-STROM250
KIJIMA Part # 210-492 Bag Support V-STROM250 L/RQuantity:Set
KIJIMA part number # 213-041 Side Stand Wide Plate&Extension V-STROM250
KIJIMA part # 219-5173 Blinker lampSET TRL2 LED V-STROM250 17Y-
KIJIMA part number 303-1588 Helmet lock Black V-STROM250
KIJIMA Part# 304-5173 ETC CaseKIT Black V-STROM250 17Y-

Applicable Models

    • V-STROM250 17-21 [Model]2BK-DS11A
    • V-STROM250 17-21 ABS [Model]2BK-DS11A