【MINIMOTO】Fork Emblem Kit HONDA Three-Dimensional Emblem

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Applicable Models:

MONKEY125 JB02-1000001-

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Material: High Strength Stainless Steel
Board Thickness: 2.0mm

[Product Contents]
Emblem Bracket for MONKEY 125 Fork: 1pc.
HONDA Three-dimensional Emblem (Large) Size W185 x H45mm: 1pc.
Grommet: 1 Set of 2pcs.
M6 Flat Washer (Large): 1 Set of 2pcs.


*It is necessary to move the horn to install this product. Minimoto doesn't sell horn relocation bracket for now.


This is a ForkEmblemKit for the MONKEY125..
HONDAThree-dimensional Emblem and Mounting Bracket is Quantity:Set.
Material:Stainless SteelBracket,Three-dimensional Emblem from Japan is Quantity:Set.
High strength material:Stainless SteelBracketSpec. *The optional bracket is [C00101-WH][C00102-BK].

[Mounting Method]
1. Remove the OEMFender(remove the whole Fender Bracket),Horn from the body..
2. Assemble the Bracket and Grommet in [Contents].. If the Grommet doesn't fit in the Bracket, soak the Rubber in hot water to soften it and assemble it..
3. Re-tighten the supplied Bracket to the front two bolts of the OEMFender Bracket using the OEMM6 Bolt.. To adjust the thickness of the OEMBracket, use the included M6Flat Washer (Large) on the back side of the Fender Bracket..
4. Insert the Emblem into the Grommet and install it.. If the Grommet is slippery, use a small amount of Silicon spray..

Applicable Models

    • MONKEY125 JB02-1000001-


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