【YOSHIMURA】Machine Bent GP-MAGNUM Cyclone EXPORT Specification Japanese Government Certification

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Stainless steel

Government approved muffler (JMCA approved)
Compliant with emission regulations
Compliant with noise regulations
Compliant with noise regulations
Two year warranty

Proximity exhaust noise90dB/5000rpm
Acceleration running Noise79dB

[Maintenance data]
Oil change0
Oil filter change0
[Maintenance data


To receive the 2 year warranty, you must register your warranty online.
- Genuine Suzuki exhaust gasket (required if not reusable).


For the GSX-R125/S125 ABS, which has a supersport design and high basic running performance, Yoshimura has developed the GP-MAGNUM Cyclone by applying the know-how cultivated through racing. The GP-MAGNUM Cyclone is designed to enhance the machine's performance and sports style.

The GP-MAGNUM's minimalist styling and specially designed exhaust construction was developed to meet the strictest regulations for use on public roads, while still delivering the sharp, booming engine sound unique to DOHC engines.

In addition to the exhaust sound, the GP-MAGNUM is also designed to provide more power and torque in the low RPM range for repeated stop and go driving, and more power and torque in the high RPM range for stress-free cruising.

The engine is equipped with an all-new powertrain, which is designed to deliver the power and torque you need at low engine speeds.

The new exhaust is 38% (1.8kg) lighter than the standard exhaust - , contributing to the GSX-R125/S125 ABS's nimble performance.
- Compared with carbon cover

Yoshimura Cyclone (excluding Racing Cyclone) comes with a 2 year warranty( - ). In addition, after-sales services such as Remake Service and Exhaust Hotline allow you to use your Yoshimura Cyclone with peace of mind. ( - Online warranty registration is required to receive the product 2 year warranty.)

This EXPORT SPEC reflects the requests of overseas users who are concerned about the performance of the product, while keeping the original craftsman-like Tig (welding) burn color and processing marks. By using highly durable stainless steel as the material, we have achieved Yoshimura's original design and style, while at the same time achieving an excellent cost performance ratio.


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