【CROPS】Heavy Duty Rock SPORTS Eco-chain Lock

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Price: ฿1,155
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Product detail


Color: Black
Type: Round Chain
Size: Φ4 x 900mm
Weight: 353g
Specification: 4-digit Type Dial Lock (PIN Setting Possible)


*The specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice for improvement.
*The data is based on CROPS company measurement. There are cases that it may differ slightly depending on measurement equipment, measurement method and situation at the time of measurement.
*Some photos are in the middle of development. There are cases that it may differ the actual photo of the product.


No tools required
・Steel chain
・Dial lock

Simple and lightweight chain lock that partially uses RecycleMaterial..
Just the right length, compact and easy to store.
4-digit dial lock (PIN number can be set)


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