【SP Takegawa】High Comp Piston Kit

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Price: ฿5,674
Webike Points: 57

Applicable Models:

glom (JC61-1300001-)

glom (JC61-1000001-1299999)

glom (JC75-1000001-)

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Product detail


[Material] High Rigidity Forged Aluminum
[Bore Diameter] 52.4mm
[Compression Ratio] 12.5:1


Piston (52.4mm) x 1
Piston Ring (52.4mm) x 1 (01-15-0003)
Piston Pin (13x33) x 1 (00-01-0207)
Piston Pin Circlip (13x1) x 2 (00-01-0003)
Cylinder Head Gasket x 1 (00-01-0208)
Cylinder Gasket x 1 (00-01-0370)

Manual: Japanese

[Online Catalog]
SP Takegawa's Online Catalog (Japanese)


- It needs to install SP Takegawa's sports camshaft and FI-CON2 (injection controller) simultaneously.
- It is a high-octane gasoline specification.
- The product is designed to be used on competition or on track only.
- This product may not be able to be installed when the specifications are unexpectedly changed in non-Japanese models.
- This product is only for model with the listed model and frame numbers. It cannot be installed on any other model.
- When installing the product, prepare the tools, etc., and follow the installation instructions with sufficient care.
- This instruction manual is intended for people with basic skills and knowledge. If you are not experienced in installation or do not have the necessary tools, please do not install the product, and ask a designated or certified factory to install it.
- Make sure to perform a break-in operation.
- When this product is installed, the amount of heat generated will increase along with the increase in output. It is not suitable for long time high load riding.
- Bolts, nuts, knock pins, packing, etc. may be reused, but Make sure to use new ones instead of reusing those that are severely worn or damaged.
- The product use stock cylinder head and cylinder, etc. Before reuse, make sure to refer to the Honda Genuine Service Manual for inspection. If the condition is bad, do not reuse it and replace it with a new part.
- It may be necessary to change the secondary reduction ratio depending on the driver's weight and riding conditions.
- Make sure to retighten the cylinder head periodically to the specified torque.
- Make sure to use new gaskets. If there are any worn or damaged parts, make sure to replace them with new parts.
- The sealing washer for the guide roller is not included in the package. You will need to purchase them separately. If the washer is damaged, please use a new sealing washer instead of reusing it. Honda genuine part number: 90475-KWB-600


[Product Description]
For GROM, MSX125, MSX125SF, the output can be increased by using the stock cylinder head and cylinder without changing the displacement, and replacing the piston.
The optimum piston shape and compression ratio balance provides high output performance not found in other manufacturers.

The pistons are designed to achieve high compression, high efficiency combustion, and low friction, through careful attention to detail and the pursuit of the optimum piston shape.
High rigidity forged aluminum material is used to withstand high compression ratio.

■Applicable bikes and types of FI-CON 2
The product differs depending on the bike and whether or not the big throttle body is used.

■FI-CON 2 (Injection Controller) (for stock cylinder head)

Applicable bikes: GROM(JC61-1000001-1299999)
- For stock throttle body 05-04-0016
- For big throttle body 05-04-0025

Affected bikes:MSX125(MLHJC618_D50000001-)
- For stock throttle body 05-04-0020
- For big throttle body 05-04-0026

Applicable bikes:GROM(JC61-1300001-),(JC75-1000001-), MSX125SF
- For stock throttle body 05-04-0034
- For big throttle bodies 05-04-0035

Applicable Models

    • glom (JC61-1300001-)
    • glom (JC61-1000001-1299999)
    • glom (JC75-1000001-)


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