【SP Takegawa】Special Clutch Kit TYPE-R (WET/Hydraulic Type)

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[Compatible With] Stock Main Shaft(stock Transmission)
[Material] Machined Aluminum (Crankcase Cover)
[Specification] Special Clutch Kit TYPE-R Clutch (Hydraulic Type) / Special Clutch Inner Kit TYPE-R Slipper Clutch / Stock Main Shaft (for Stock Transmission)


Special Clutch Inner Kit Type-R (for Stock Main Shaft) x 1 (02-02-0155)
Special Clutch Cover Kit Type-R (Wet/Hydraulic) x 1 (02-01-0174)
Clutch Master Cylinder Assy. x 1 (02-02-2103)

Manual: Japanese

[Online Catalog]
SP Takegawa's Online Catalog (Japanese)


- This product cannot be installed on model equipped with SP Takegawa's TAF 5-speed cross transmission kit for special clutch (02-04-0295).
- This product is only for model with the listed model and frame numbers. It cannot be installed on any other model.
- Please prepare the service manual for the compatible model and follow the installation instructions carefully. This instruction manual and service manual are intended for people with basic skills and knowledge. If you do not have experience in installation, or if you do not have the necessary tools, skillls and knowledge, we recommend that you contact a technically qualified store.
- This product is a set of Special Clutch Cover Kit TYPE-R (WET / Hydraulic), Special Clutch Inner Kit TYPE-R (for stock main shaft) and Clutch Master Cylinder Assy. Please refer to the instruction manual that comes with each product for Assy.


[Product Description]
This is a special clutch kit that allows you to use the stock main shaft (stock transmission) as is and install a high-end clutch unit.

[Special Clutch Cover TYPE-R ((WET)) Details] (*image 2)

The R. crank case cover is made of die-cast aluminum.

The surface is painted black.

The same R. crankcase cover shape is used for both WET (wet) and DRY (dry), so both wet and dry specifications can be changed after purchase.

The clutch section has a separate compartment so that engine oil and clutch oil can be separated in the case of a wet clutch. (Brand name, specifications, etc)

The clutch type is hydraulic. The play of the lever is difficult to change and the clutch operation is excellent.

The clutch cover is made of machined aluminum and the surface is black anodized.

The clutch cover is made of machined aluminum and has a black anodized surface.

Built-in oil element

The oil element filters out impurities such as sludge and metal wear powder in the oil.

The oil element is a cartridge type paper type.

Oil through nut

Significant weight reduction is possible!

Centrifugal oil filter approx. 1069g → Oil through nut approx. 123g

By replacing the oil through nut with the included oil through nut, you can remove the stock centrifugal oil filter that puts a burden on the crankshaft.

This will reduce the weight of the crankshaft from approximately 1069g to 123g, which is a significant weight reduction.

This also reduces the load on the crankshaft and improves the engine response.

By installing the oil through nut, the oil line will be connected to the crankshaft.

The oil thru-nut allows clean oil to flow to the crankshaft as it passes through the oil element.

Oil level check window

Large filler cap

Optional parts (Oil cooler/Thermostat) can be installed] (*image 4)

Oil outlet

Oil can be taken out from the cover body directly to the oil cooler.

SP Takegawa has an oil cooler kit for bikes equipped with a special clutch cover.

Patented structure: Thermostat mounting part and oil line structure

Overcooling can be prevented by installing the optional thermostat unit when SP Takegawa's oil cooler kit (specification to take oil out of the clutch cover) is installed.

It is necessary to install the SP Takegawa oil cooler kit simultaneously.

Optional parts (oil line hose) can be installed] (*image 5)

New mechanism

The oil line that flows to the cylinder head side can be changed to flow through the oil element.

By installing the optional oil line hose kit, the oil flowing to the head side can also pass through the oil element.

This will prevent engine damage caused by oil sludge.

To install the oil line hose, you need to use the oil outlet boss on the SP Takegawa big bore cylinder (with oil outlet boss).

The oil line hose cannot be installed on the big bore cylinder without oil outlet boss that is found on some SP Takegawa old e-stages.

Special Clutch Inner Kit TYPE-R (Slipper Clutch) (for stock main shaft)] (*image 6)

By using the special adapter, it is possible to install the special clutch with the stock main shaft (stock transmission).

This eliminates the need to disassemble the crankcase and allows the clutch to be installed with the engine still mounted in the bike.

6 Disc Specification

The clutch outer and other rotating parts are made smaller in diameter to reduce horsepower loss due to oil diffusion, further improve response, and reduce rotating mass weight to transmit engine power without waste.

A 6-disc design is achieved by using five Kevlar friction discs and one judder friction disc. This reduces judder when starting and simultaneously increases the clutch capacity to support high power engines.

In addition, the clutch unit can be used for both wet and dry clutches, making it possible to change the specifications for both.

When changing from a wet clutch to a dry clutch, the friction disc will need to be replaced. When changing from a dry clutch to a wet clutch, the clutch can be used as is.

This is only if there is no replacement of consumables. Clutch cover, etc. will be required separately.

With clutch

The clutch structure of this product is a slipper clutch.

The slipper clutch reduces the shock of sudden engine braking caused by downshifting at high RPM.

This reduces sudden posture changes, rear tire hopping, and engine stress.

Primary driven gear with built-in damper

Rubber dampers are incorporated to reduce the shock of the gears when the clutch is connected.

Clutch spring

Excellent fatigue resistance and stable clutch feel.

Applicable transmissions

To install Special Clutch Inner Kit TYPE-R (for stock main shaft), the transmission must be stock.

This product can also be installed if the TAF 5 speed cross transmission kit (02-04-0293) made by SP Takegawa is installed with the stock clutch.


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