【GM-MOTO】Front Sprocket Off-Set Kit for Replacement Extension Shaft

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Manufacturer: KEPSPEED


*The plate body parts in the photo are displayed for explanation. It is not included in this product.
*Please do the replacement work for those who have knowledge on replacement maintenance.
*Please pay attention to the occurrence of so-called initial looseness after the start of running, and please conduct frequent inspections so as not to cause unexpected trouble.


It is now available for 7.0J repair extension shaft.
It is an extension shaft for repair of KEPSPEED front sprocket offset kit [7.0J].
The heat treatment method was changed to further increase the strength.
It is a repair part for long- term use.
This product is a product of KEPSPEED, which manufactures high quality aluminum parts.

[With regard to the warranty]
There are cases that it has small scratches and abrasions may occur due to shipping problems.
It is out of warranty except for defects that significantly impair the value or function of the product.
We cannot accept returns for any reason after the product is installed.
In addition, trouble after the start of driving is often caused by a mismatch with driving conditions, maintenance conditions, or vehicle conditions, and it will disclaim all of them because it is difficult to distinguish from the cause of each product. Manufacturer: KEPSPEED

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